Seize the daylight: What you can do with solar power

Posted 29/03/2019 by E.ON

It's nearly here. The time of year when the sun returns and the days get longer. When you can take off your heavy coat and enjoy evenings out and about, instead of curled up in bed under a duvet.

On Saturday evening we turn the clocks forward one hour and welcome more daylight along with the first weeks of spring.

The extra daylight at this time of year can do more than improve our mood. Extra sun can also mean extra energy for your home.

How does it work? Solar panels, usually installed on a rooftop, convert energy from the sun and turn it into electricity you can use in your home to power lights, electronics, devices and even electric vehicles. Aside from reliably powering your home, the energy produced by a solar PV system can also replace some of the energy you buy.


Here are the top five reasons to install a solar and battery system in your home.

1. Solar power is renewable and the ultimate source of sustainable energy. Future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits of solar power even after you've used your share.

2. Solar power is better for the environment. It's clean, produces no harmful emissions and can help to lower your carbon footprint. With a solar energy system, you're generating your own feel-good energy.

3. You save money by generating your own energy instead of buying it. Once you’ve had your solar energy system energy installed, you’ll have to buy less energy from the grid because you’ll be generating your own.

4. Give back and get back. Any energy your solar panels produce that you don't use can be fed into the energy grid. We're also the only energy supplier who is committed to rewarding our customers for doing their bit to help the environment. Any new solar customers will be part of our Solar Reward programme which will look to give just over 5p or every kWh of electricity exported back to the grid.

5. It's reliable. With a solar and battery system, you can generate solar energy for your home and store it in a battery to use at night. The next day the process starts over. Plus, even when it's cloudy, solar panels can still generate energy to help power your home.

The bright choice for homes

Though the technology behind solar power has been around for decades, we are continuing to innovate and improve ways to efficiently harness the power of the sun at home. Our solar photovoltaic panels and solar battery system can help you use 30% more of the electricity you generate than with solar panels alone. The battery will store some of the electricity you're generating during the day rather than exporting it straight to the grid, allowing you to use it that night.

Solar energy isn't only transforming homes around the UK and Europe. It's transforming the world. There are many amazing ways that solar energy has been used to change communities, power cities and even collect rubbish.

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