International Women's Day at E.ON

Posted 07/03/2019 by E.ON

Powerful women are nothing out of the ordinary at E.ON. This International Women’s Day, as every day, we’re acknowledging the women helping to make our business a success. For us, this is business as usual.

Read on to meet just a few of the thousands of inspiring women across our business and find out more about what they do and how they got to where they are today. 

Name: Lorna Caney  

Job title: Team Supervisor in E.ON Heating and Generation team, providing new and replacement boilers to homes around the UK.

My typical day at work involves… “keeping track of boiler installations happening that day and handling problems that may prevent installs from going ahead. I visit customers who are having boilers installed or have works ‘in progress’ to make sure all quality and safety guidelines are being followed. This involves working closely with partners and our customers, of course.”

The thing I enjoy most about my job is… “the diversity of the role and freedom of controlling my own time management.”

I got to where I am today by… “starting a gas engineer apprenticeship when I left school. Since then, I’ve worked for various companies and run my own business as a gas service engineer, which involved installing boilers and servicing central heating and plumbing.”

My top tip for women in the energy industry: “Don’t get disheartened with any set-backs in your career. Trust in your own abilities.”

Watch how engineers Jess Rafter and Matilda Urie help keep the 116 turbines of Rampion Wind Farm generating enough electricity to meet the annual needs of almost 350,000 British homes. Rampion was the first wind farm to be built off the south coast of England.

Name: Natallia Sharapina

Job title: Mechanical Design and Performance Engineer at City Energy Solutions, E.ON

My typical day at work involves… “working for E.ON’s district heating business, on energy centres and heat substation mechanical design - from concept all the way through to final design and equipment selection. I also find design solutions to improve existing site operations and then oversee and manage their implementation. So I don’t have a ‘typical’ day. One day I spend in front of my laptop doing calculations and drawings, and the next I go on site to manage the project, ensuring it is delivered safely and on time.”

The thing I enjoy most about my job is… “working on District Heating Solutions that deliver greener heat and power generation I do my little bit for the planet. I also enjoy working with people around me from the start of a concept until the point of delivering heat to our customers. It feels fantastic when your solutions and decisions become real."

I got to where I am today by… “as a child going with my father to work sometimes, as a driver and mechanic for industrial tractors and tracks. I think that’s why I grew up to be an engineer. Also, the largest power station of Belarus (my native country) is located near my home town, so the energy industry seemed to be the right choice. I graduated from Belarusian National Technical University and became a Mechanical Design Engineer. I had worked in the industry for about 10 years before I moved to the UK, designing energy centres and heating networks all the way from Belarus to the far east of Russia with temperatures of -50°C to be taken into design consideration. In 2015 I moved to the UK and found my job with E.ON, which gives me the opportunity to continue my previous experience and contribute my knowledge into the growing UK district heating field.”

My top tip for women in the energy industry: “Set clear objectives and you will always find a way to achieve them and the right people to help you.”

As you can see, women play a huge part in what we do – and why wouldn’t they? Check out our careers pages if you are interested in available roles at E.ON. 

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