Smart meters can enable meaningful change

Posted 14/03/2019 by E.ON

As part of its shift towards creating a lower-carbon energy infrastructure, the UK is focused on installing smart meters in every home and business by 2020 and we're working hard to ensure that anyone who wants one, can have one so they can begin benefiting today.

Knowing how much energy we use daily is the first step towards creating a solution. By installing a smart meter in your home, you have more control over the energy you use, how much you pay and the carbon footprint you leave behind. Once you've installed a smart meter, here are some other ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Drive smart

Switching to an electric car can deeply change your environmental impact. Electric vehicles emit approximately 60% less greenhouse gases than a conventional car over their lifecycle, which means they contribute to cleaner air in our communities and cities and a more stable climate. In the UK there has already been an impressive 50% reduction in emissions from electricity generation over the past four years.

However, according to Dr. Stephen Hall from the School of Earth and Environment at University of Leeds, “the explosion of electric vehicles could increase electricity demand by up to 15% over the next 30 years." With increased energy demand, it will be important to ensure that the energy sources used to power these vehicles come from renewable sources.


Buy Smart

Having a connected home means you can automate all of your daily tasks through a series of internet-connected devices. Smart home devices like smart lights, smart thermostats, and other energy efficient products can make a big difference in reducing your gas and electricity usage. Many smart devices, like the tado° thermostat, utilise machine learning technology, so your entire system can self-adjust based on your habits.

Live smart

The smart metering programme is designed to phase out old and outdated classic meters and to replace them with self-reading smart meters, bringing the  energy infrastructure into the 21st century. In order to have a flexible energy system that can manage clean energy such as wind and solar and employ them in tandem, our current system needs to digital and modernised. 

Millions of people across Great Britain have already started taking control of their energy use and doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions by getting a smart meter fitted at their property. Over 80% of smart meter customers say they have taken at least one step to reduce their energy usage since having one installed.

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Now what?

If we want to avoid the irreversible damage predicted by scientists — which includes extreme heat, heavier rain, flooding and rising sea levels — changes need to happen on all levels, including in our homes.

Book an appointment to get you own smart meter for free so you can reduce your energy use and do your part to create a more sustainable future for our future.


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