Modern Energy Solutions for an Imaginary Realm

Posted 17/05/2019 by E.ON

We're committed to offering our customers a range of sustainable solutions that best fit their needs - so whether you're a fan of a fictional world where winter has come - we've got the perfect solution for you and your favourite house so you don’t have to experience a long cold night.

Solar Energy = Sunny Southern House

With a picture of the sun on your house sigil, it makes sense that the southernmost kingdom’s energy solution would be solar power. As the southernmost part of the kingdom, this land consists of desert lands as well as the lush water gardens. For anyone who enjoys the benefits of ample daylight, solar is something worth considering.

Electric Vehicles = Cluster of Islands House

When the rest of this figurative world has trouble getting around because of obstacles on the main roads, the house that has built a name for themselves from their massive naval fleet doesn’t have any. They're comfortable using an alternative, reliable form of transportation which is why we can see them driving around in electric cars and offering the rest of the kingdoms an alternative transportation option.


Smart meters = The Lord with the Birds

One Lord who has served nearly all the Kings has established a name for himself by building a network of informers who help monitor the Capital and beyond. He knows everything that is going on and shares his counsel on the best ways to proceed – not unlike what smart meters do for energy customers. Knowing exactly how energy has been used could help him and his network make improvements to their homes by being more energy efficient.

Wind = Moon House

It's pretty windy in the kingdom built on jagged sky-high rocks, thanks to its high altitude, and they use this to their advantage. Imagine all the energy that could be generated by turning these windy rock mountain tops into a wind farm to generate renewable energy for all.

Boilers = Northern House

There's nothing wrong with a tried and true heating solution that works and for a northern trusted outpost it makes perfect sense their house would depend on boilers. Known for telling everyone about winter, it's no surprise it’s chilly in the North. Residents of this northern kingdom can keep warm thanks to an energy efficient boiler systems which works all year-round. 

Biogas = Dragon House

When you think about biogas, there's a certain mythical creature that provides large amounts of power and energy on demand that comes to mind – a fire-breathing dragon. How great would it be if the House that has this as their sigil took the throne and then let their dragons retire from battle to become the source of a naturally sourced heating supply that can be stored ready for use when it’s needed? Biogas technologies are real, and have the potential to move the kingdom toward a clean energy system.

District Heating = Gold House

A formidable force in the Seven Kingdoms this house known for their gold reserve, rose to power thanks to their location. Because of the catacombs, hidden passages, and mines beneath its rocky formation, it would make the perfect location to explore District Heating to heat large areas in a more sustainable way. In fact, London right now is a hidden power station and underground distribution network that has a lower carbon output.

Battery Storage = Bank to the East

Where do the most powerful families turn when they need a loan to grow their armies or fund a great feast? The bank to the east of course. With its incredible wealth, it only makes sense that they could also serve as the battery storage provider to provide a back-up power supply or to deliver power to the local grid on demand.


Whether a figurative world doomed by dragons or the real world, modern energy solutions are here and can help you and your home discover a new world of energy for a cleaner (and warmer) future.

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