How upcyled boilers can help conserve wildlife

Posted 27/11/2019 by E.ON

We're excited to have launched the world's first ever Museum of Boiler Art (MoBA) exhibition – a project aimed at highlighting the impact that old, inefficient boilers have both on the climate and your heating bills.

Each of the pieces are made from upcycled boilers and have an additional sustainable edge, having been designed to not only look impressive but to provide a useful purpose to the natural world too.

The pieces include bird boxes, bug hotels and planters, providing a safe environment for a whole range of wildlife, offering creatures shelter and feeding platforms in a farm setting in London.

The MoBA was developed in partnership with four artists from the London Sculpture Workshop (LSW), who created their stunning installations from old copper cylinder and combi boilers. They're on display from now until the end of the winter at the Spitalfields City Farm in East London.

“Through our MoBA exhibition, we're highlighting the literal waste that exists when people are using old inefficient boilers at home," said Chris Lovatt, Managing Director of E.ON's Residential business.

Meet our artists

Giles Corby, who is a co-director of LSW and a graduate of the Royal College of Art (Henry Moore Fellow), specialises in transforming found objects into large scale sculptures. He visited scrapyards to add extra elements to the old boilers.

Jessica Mello, also a co-director of LSW and a MFA Sculpture graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art, was fascinated by the opportunity of upcycling materials with a focus on the environment and wildlife.

Metal sculptor Andrew Revell found himself working very differently to his normal artistic practice for this project and found the challenge of creating new forms from old pipes and boilers an interesting challenge, particularly with the added element that the pieces would be used by small creatures.

This was Robert Worley's first time working with boilers. A metal sculptor and castor who has worked on previous projects using recycled materials such as wood and car tyres, he created two pieces for the project - a sculptural planter and a bug hotel.

As well as being striking and useful to wildlife, we hope the work created by these four talented artists will make people think about the impact their old boilers have on the environment, as well as on their own household budget.

Out with the old

You might think that having an older boiler doesn't have much of an effect on your bills or the environment, but even models that are just 10 years old can be significantly less efficient. They often use more gas, create more emissions, and cost you more to run.

So in a year when a climate emergency was issued and where the costs of living keep on rising, investing in a new boiler to limit the impact of your carbon footprint is an easy way to have a greener and cheaper new year. Our new range of boilers is 94% efficient and won the Which? Best Buy award.

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