“Winter is coming” - so make sure you’re ready

Posted 21/11/2019 by E.ON

It's that time of year again. Everyone's saying: "I can't believe how dark it is" and "it's so cold outside".

As the cold dark days set in, we've got some top tips to help you get you and your home winter ready, so you can feel cosy and warm while combating the winter blues and ensuring you’re not wasting energy.

Tip 1: Let there be light

The short winter days can have a big impact on people's happiness levels ranging from the mild winter blues to full on SAD (seasonal affective disorder) due to the lack of sunlight.

If you feel down because of the dark then a daylight lamp could help. They've been proven to lift the spirits as the bright light they give off triggers chemical reactions that make you feel happier. They only need to be used for up to an hour a day so won't use too much electricity in order to cheer you up. Whenever the sun does appear, try and get outside to enjoy it. When you come back indoors your home will feel that bit warmer and more welcoming.

Tip 2: Make sure your boiler is in top shape

For most people, having an efficient boiler which is working properly is crucial if you want to keep your home warm. If you have a new  boiler, then be sure to get it serviced annually so it's running as well as it can.

If it's an older model and is on its way out, consider getting a new one installed ahead of winter as they are much more energy efficient and can save you money. Our range has been awarded the Which? Best Buys for Worcester Bosch gas boilers and come with up to a 10 year guarantee.

Tip 3: Snuggle up

Invest in some throws and blankets to keep you cosy so on those bitterly cold days and nights you can warm up by snuggling up rather than just nudging up the thermostat up. Not only are they super practical, they can be super stylish too.

And if you’re planning to curl up in front of a wood burning stove, ensure you take steps to minimise harmful effects on the air we breathe, including only burning dry wood and fitting a filter. If you’re buying a new model, look out for the ‘ecodesign’ sticker as this will give you peace of mind that it has better air circulation and will burn more cleanly. This will help lower the risk of it inadvertently contributing to air pollution.

Tip 4: Stop heat from escaping

Simple things like closing your curtains and shutting internal doors can help your home to retain the warmth your heating system is generating. Insulation in the loft and walls can also make a big difference to the temperature and to your heating bills. If you've got any draughts, then excluders along the bottom of doors will help keep them out. Your letterbox can also be a heat stealer so be sure that's draughtproofed too; a simple letterbox brush or insulating flap will make a huge difference.

Tip 5: Use heat smartly

A smart thermometer can help you take control of your heating bills and make sure that your heat isn't on unnecessarily. tado° lets you control your heating from your phone and can use geolocation to check if anyone's home. It can also adjust the temperature based on the weather, so that you never have the thermostat set too high, or too low.

These are just a few simple and hopefully helpful steps you can take to make sure you and your home are winter ready this year.

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