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Posted 08/10/2019 by E.ON

Our customers are at the heart of our business and during National Customer Service Week, we’re celebrating our customer heroes – colleagues who have gone above and beyond to help our customers. We’ve spoken to some of our customer heroes, and their managers, to find out more about how they’re going above and beyond to help our customers. 

Brian, Operations & Maintenance Team Leader for our West London District Heating schemes, worked at E.ON for over 8 years

“I once spent Christmas Day completing repairs at a residential tower block, supplied by one of our District Heating schemes, that had no heating or hot water caused by a leak in the pipework. I worked on my own as I didn’t want to drag anyone else out to work on Christmas Day and repaired the issue as fast as I could. The customers that saw me were pleased to know that their heating and hot water were being returned and I managed to restore them by teatime on Christmas Day!”

“Brian always goes the extra mile in supporting our customers, working through the night to ensure energy systems run well and regularly sharing his technical expertise with colleagues.” – John, Brian’s manager


Jodi, Account Manager in Business Energy Connections, worked at E.ON for 11 years

“A customer called in looking for an urgent new meter connection for his business earlier this year and he sounded genuinely worried that he wasn’t going to meet the tight deadline. I prioritised his project to try and meet his deadline and at each stage of the process I immediately pushed his application forward. This meant that I managed to arrange for a meter installation date only 1 week after his initial call, even though I’d advised him it could take 2-3 weeks. He was really happy with this quick turnaround and sent me an email saying ‘Thank you so much. You’ve been the best person to deal with ever!’”

“No-one goes out of their way for a customer as much as Jodi, she is simply driven to deliver excellent customer service. Jodi is always keen to get feedback from her customers and will use this to adapt her approach going forwards.” – Kate, Jodi’s manager

Scott, Maintenance Team Leader within Community Energy for North East England, worked at E.ON for 4 years

“On one of my days off, I received a call that there had been a leak in the heating pipes at one of our customers’ sites, Sheffield Arena. The on-call engineer lived a considerable distance away, so I decided that I would attend instead as I could get there quicker. 

“Once I arrived, I reassured the site staff who were panicking about the situation and inspected the equipment. I discovered that the leak had tripped a local circuit which I fixed to bring power back to the site. I also suggested that the site fit insulated jackets on the heating equipment to reduce heat loss and, if this were to happen again, reduce the risk of damage and injury. 

“The Facilities Manager personally thanked me for taking control and solving the issue and let me know that they had fitted insulated jackets. This made me feel very pleased and proud as they had made it a safer environment for everyone.”

“Scott is a great guy, and this is only one example of what Scott has done. There are multiple examples of Scott getting up in the night or popping in at the weekend to make sure that customers are getting the heat they need, he never shouts about it, it just gets done.” – Neil, Scott’s manager


Sean, Account Manager in Business Energy Connections, worked at E.ON for 7 years

“A customer needed a new energy supply installed for a shop that he was desperate to open. He’d originally used a third party who weren’t doing anything with his application despite the urgency. I wanted to do what I could to help so I got all the necessary details from the customer and then worked with other teams within E.ON to advise them of the situation. This meant that only two days later everything was in place and the energy supply would be set up for the customer’s desired date. The customer was grateful that I’d pulled out all the stops to sort everything out for him quickly and turned something he was dreading into a quick and easy process.”

“I think Sean is a hero because he is never phased when trying to achieve something for his customer and is always willing to go out of his way. He’s very comfortable to questions processes if he can see a better way for his customers.” – Kate, Sean’s manager

Conrad, Verification Manager in Obligation Delivery, worked at E.ON for 18 years

“Last Christmas, one of our vulnerable customers was concerned about her heating over the Christmas period after having had some work done by a contractor. The customer was distraught, and I thought I could help. Although we hadn’t funded the works I picked up the phone and started calling contractors to get hold of the installers and kept the customer and her family up-to-date. Fortunately, I was working between the Christmas and New Year period and as such was able to progress during that period and come to a very satisfactory solution. We even managed to get one of our colleagues out with flowers when everything was sorted.”

“Conrad always has a positive approach to work and he will always consider the customer throughout the journey of our processes, whether that’s pre or post installation of energy efficient measures into a vulnerable customer’s home.” – Angie, Conrad’s manager

Delivering a good service for our customers is important to us, and that’s why we regularly ask customers for feedback and even invite them to talk to us face-to-face about key issues. At E.ON, we’re proud of our colleagues who work hard to ensure our customers have a great experience and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve in this area.


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