Switching on: Four things to think about before putting your heating on

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Posted 04/10/2019 by E.ON

Summer's over and as the days shorten and nights get colder, we all start thinking about switching the heating back on. But the planet, and your bank balance, will thank you if before you do, you follow these tips to make keeping warm this winter greener and cheaper.

Tip #1 - Banish draughts
Draught-proofing can really make a difference to how easy it is to keep your home warm. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that draught-proofing around windows and doors, and blocking up the chimney if you're not using it, can instantly save around £35 a year. Plus with the draughts banished you'll likely not need to have the heating on so often, or so high, so will be able to reduce your bills even further. Adding in cavity wall and loft insulation will help ensure that no heat is escaping from your home.

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Tip #2 - Use blankets and rugs
Many of us today have wooden floors and covering them with rugs during the winter can help your home to stay warm and cosy. Insulating underneath the floorboards on the ground floor will also make a big difference and could save you around £40 a year on heating bills. Feeling cosy with a blanket is also a great way to keep the bills lower. Good Housekeeping has found a lovely winter collection to choose from.

Tip #3 -Make sure your boiler is efficient

How well your boiler works will have a big impact on your carbon footprint and your budget. The older your boiler is, the less efficient it will be.

New A-rated boilers are guaranteed to be 94% efficient, meaning you'll use less gas and spend less on your heating bills. All of our new boilers are A-rated, and come with interest free credit options and a 10-year guarantee. So check out our offers before it gets really cold this winter.

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Tip #4 - Use a smart thermostat
Smart thermostats can help save energy and money. tado° lets you control your heating from your smart phone so that you need never waste energy on heating again when you're not going to be coming home when you planned.

You can set it up to use geo-tracking on all family members so that it knows when someone is coming home and can switch the heating and hot water on to welcome them. It can also track the weather and adjust the heating temperature accordingly. Installing a tado° can help you save up to money on your annual heating bills. Plus if you combine it with smart radiator thermostats you can control each room in the house individually too, saving even more energy and money.

So now that the autumn is getting well underway, and winter is just around the corner, make sure you act on these energy saving tips before you turn the heating on. The planet and your budget will both be a lot happier if you do.

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