Have you switched on? We take a look at heating habits across the UK

Posted 18/10/2019 by E.ON

The time has come when everyone's switching the heating back on. According to our research, the average Big Switch On day has been narrowed down to 8th October but when, and how, you do it is very different depending on how old you are and where you live. We recently carried out some research into when people in the UK switch the heating on and it came up with some surprising results - there are some secret heaters out there amongst you and some interesting alternatives being used to keep warm!


Carbon counters

Scotland's residents are a mix of contradictions - they're the first to switch on averaging a 27th September date for firing up the boiler, so 10 days ahead of the Big Switch On day, but also 30% of the people surveyed said they kept it off as long as possible to keep their carbon footprint low.

Overall, 22% of the people surveyed across the UK said they delayed switching the heating on to improve their environmental impact. Another way to make heating more energy efficient is to upgrade your boiler as older boilers are inefficient - our range of boilers is 94% efficient.

Cost conscious

Saving money is another big factor when people switch on. More than half of the people surveyed (52%) wait as they don't want to increase their bills, with the residents of East Anglia being the last to join in with an average switch on day of 14th October. Upgrading to an energy-efficient boiler can save hundreds of pounds a year on bills as well as being kinder to the planet.

Staying cosy is the priority for 25% of northeast residents who admit to keeping the heating on all year round. And homeowners are more likely to switch on before renters. Those in their own home have an average switch-on date of October 3rd while people in rented accommodation are bang on the average switch on day of the 8th.


Secret heaters

Londoners and West Midlanders are the biggest regional secret heaters - with 61% and 56% of them respectively admitting to switching on and keeping it from their family or housemates. Nationwide 51% of people also fire up the boiler on the quiet and 61% of millennials aged 16-34 don't tell anyone they've turned the heating on to avoid rows. But 11% of them also said they delay switching on their heating as they were unsure how to do it on their own.

Alternative heating habits

Lots of people get warm in other ways - from taking long hot baths (28%) to keeping the oven on longer (18%) and even blowing a hairdryer on themselves (15%). Over half of Londoners (54%) said they combat the cold with cuddles while up in Yorkshire, 20% of people go visit friends or family to take advantage of their heating instead of switching on their own.

Whichever kind of heater you are, research shows that everyone in the UK will have the heating switched on by 1st December. So if you're worried about your bills and environmental impact as we approach the winter, check out our energy-efficient boilers to make heating your home more affordable and planet friendly.

map of when people switch on the heating by UK region

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