Will you choose to Go Green?

Posted 28/02/2020 by E.ON

We already provide 100% renewables-backed electricity to our customers’ homes. And soon, you’ll be able to make your gas more sustainable too with Go Green.

Since the summer of 2019, we're proud to say that all of our customer's homes have been powered by electricity backed by 100% renewable sources as standard1. We're always looking for new ways to help our customers become more sustainable – and will soon be helping our gas customers to be more planet-friendly too.

Our new Go Green offering, which will be for customers who take electricity and gas, will give you the chance to offset the carbon generated by the gas you use in your home for just £2 a month extra on your bill. Not only that, for every home that upgrades to Go Green, we'll plant five new trees in the Amazon rainforest to help tackle the global climate crisis. Go Green will be available online in the coming months.

Carbon neutral investment

Through Go Green, we’ll offset the gas you use by investing in carbon neutral projects around the world. 

We'll buy carbon emission reduction certificates, which are used to fund projects such as wind farms in the Philippines, a geothermal power plant in Indonesia, a landfill gas to electricity plant in Turkey, and new, more efficient cooking stoves for communities in Kenya, China, Uganda and India. 

Tree planting

Reforesting the planet is another important step in managing the climate crisis and helps improve the health of the planet, our air and ourselves. By the time a tree reaches maturity, it's taking around 23kg of carbon out of the atmosphere and cleaning the air for us

Not only do trees help clean the air we breathe, they also filter the water we drink and provide homes and food for more than 80% of the world's wildlife. What's more, forest management is a big part of the global economy, providing jobs to over 1.6 billion people. Forests are also home to the key ingredients found in 25% of all the medicines we use2.

That's why we'll be planting trees though the One Tree Planted charity. We've chosen the Amazon rainforest in Peru to benefit from our Go Green initiative. We were drawn to this particular cause because the rate of deforestation there is accelerating and because the Amazon plays such an important role in maintaining the health of our entire planet.

Not only is it the largest remaining tropical rainforest we have, it is where at least 10% of the world's known biodiversity is found. Scientists also estimate that we have studied less than half of the Amazon's flowering plant species for their medicinal potential.

Plus, we'll be helping to conserve habitats for jaguars and hundreds of other species that live in protected areas; and we'll be contributing to providing a sustainable livelihood to local people.

We're proud to support this important project through Go Green and hope that you'll want to support it too. We’ll be making Go Green widely available soon for customers who join us for their energy or who change their tariff – so watch this space!


1. Electricity sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your homes comes from the National Grid. Find out more at eonenergy.com/renewable
2. Source: onetreeplanted.org


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