Ramping up the UK’s renewable energy future

Posted 07/11/2018 by E.ON

 Discover the story of Rampion - the first wind farm off the UK’s south coast, officially opened November 2018.  


Fancy a dip in the amazing new world of energy?

man dipping feet in heated outdoor pool
Posted 28/03/2018 by E.ON UK

Through amazing energy innovation we’ve heated an Olympic-sized swimming pool from thin air, using air source heat pumps. This is just one of the many cutting-edge solutions that can help you become more energy efficient…


Step inside our solar studio and hear the sun

Recording sign - E.ON
Posted 24/07/2017 by E.ON

Come inside for a tour behind the scenes of our dazzling solar studio. Discover how we’ve transformed the process of creating music, and made it even more powerful.


How we illuminated the night with daylight

Solar Collaboration - E.ON
Posted 22/06/2017 by E.ON

How do you power a night-time performance with the sun? Armed with our solar battery, a bunch of clappy chappies and a twerking dog, we headed to our glamorous location to find out. The results were electric.


5 surprising ways big businesses are getting sustainable

Suit with green leaf in pocket
Posted 30/09/2016 by E.ON

From Apple’s new adventure as green energy provider, to a top footballer and his biomass company, we check out some of the more surprising ways a few of the most famous worldwide brands are planning a sustainable future.


Could wind help tackle the world’s water shortage?

Windfarm in the desert
Posted 16/09/2016 by E.ON

Impacts of climate change, such as heatwaves, more droughts and erratic storms, threaten to drastically alter the environment and our way of life. With the world’s population likely to increase by 2050 as much as 35%, a hot topic of conversation is water use and conservation – do we have enough water to sustain us all?


Developing nations that lead the way in renewable energy

Solar panel on home in China
Posted 01/07/2016 by E.ON

Far from being at the fringes of power generation, renewable energy sources are now essential to meeting the challenges of meeting the world’s need for continuous energy, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. But you may be surprised to hear that it’s developing nations and emerging economies that are making the great leaps forward.


Top tips for an amazing eco-holiday

Rickshaws in Japan
Posted 24/06/2016 by E.ON

As concerns for the environment grow, more and more people choose to embark on sustainable holidays. If you’re planning an escape this summer, here are some eco-friendly getaways to consider.


From Glastonbury to Euro 2016: the demands of powering a summer to remember

Stage at a festival with crowd - E.ON
Posted 17/06/2016 by E.ON

While thousands of revellers flock to events this summer – and millions more watch on TV – there are plenty of people working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the lights stay on…


Sustainable sport: 10 reasons we love Formula E

Formula E car - E.ON
Posted 03/06/2016 by E.ON

Energy efficient cars, iconic street circuits and organisers with a conscious – we take a look at why Formula E is leading the way in providing a sustainable sport for the future.


8 weird and wonderful ways to generate energy

jellyfish in the sea - E.ON
Posted 06/05/2016 by E.ON

We’ve all heard of solar and wind sources – but did you know that you can also generate renewable energy from nappies, jellyfish, dancing and much more? We’ve got the low down on what the future of energy might look like…


The race to electric flight has begun

helmet with a runway in the reflection - E.ON
Posted 19/04/2016 by E.ON

The aeroplane has made the planet smaller than any vehicle in the history of the world. It also is one of the most polluting offenders when it comes to transport. However there is a change afoot and soon your flight maybe powered by only the Sun...


The explorer’s guide to Europe’s smartest island

Pellworm solar panels - E.ON
Posted 14/04/2016 by E.ON

What if paradise held the key to our future? We’re not talking about the myths of Atlantis or El Dorado, but about the German island of Pellworm – a place as innovative as it is beautiful. We take a look at the landscape, the people and the renewable and smart technologies that make the island so unique.


Can we 3D print our way to a more renewable future?

colleagues working with a 3D printer - E.ON
Posted 08/03/2016 by E.ON

From houses to healthcare, 3D printing is changing the world. The technology could play a key role in revolutionising the energy sector too – but should we be getting excited just yet?


How to generate your own energy in 5 simple steps

lightbulb and mans head - E.ON
Posted 18/02/2016 by E.ON

People are becoming increasingly interested in generating their own renewable, carbon neutral energy. We’ve created a step by step guide to see if microgeneration could work for you.


8 things you need to know about biomass energy

logs piled up in a work yard - E.ON
Posted 10/11/2015 by E.ON

Biomass energy. That’s the one made out of cow dung, right?

Well technically, yes. That’s perhaps the part we most remember from our GCSE Science lessons. But it’s a whole lot more than that too. It’s a form of renewable energy that’s been used for many years, a fuel that’s developed from organic materials to create electricity or other forms of power. 


How to build a wind farm

sunset at Humber Gateway Wind Farm - E.ON
Posted 27/10/2015 by E.ON

As anyone who’s taken a trip to a British seaside resort will tell you, the UK can be a windy place. In fact, did you know that it’s the windiest country in Europe? That might not be completely ideal for keeping your beach umbrella up, but it is a good thing for generating energy.


8 things you need to know about wind energy

wind turblines - E.ON
Posted 30/09/2015 by E.ON

Wind energy is a hot topic these days, which isn’t surprising considering wind power could account for a third of the world’s energy supply by 2050. To help you get your head around the stats, we’ve compiled a run-down of the best wind energy myth-busters and did-you-knows. Here’s our insider’s guide to everything you need to get stuck into wind energy, in 8 easy facts…