Live life your way: getting the temperature right in your home

Posted 16/11/2017 by E.ON

As anyone who’s been too hot or too cold knows, getting the temperature right in your home can be difficult. Alongside smart thermostat experts tado°, we reveal the right temperatures for the everyday tasks that matter to you – and explain how easy it is to switch between them.



Introducing E.ON See: The smart meter display in your pocket

Woman on smartphone
Posted 22/03/2017 by E.ON

If you have a smartphone, you’ll be using it lots of wonderful ways while you’re on the go. That’s what inspired us to create E.ON See – a virtual smart energy display – making energy easier to manage, whenever and wherever you are.


How to get energy fit in 7 minutes

Runner tying shoelace on road
Posted 17/01/2017 by E.ON

The start of a new year often means a tough regime to lose a few extra pounds gained over Christmas. But if your new year’s resolution to get fit is already shaping up to be harder than you’d expected, save a few pounds in the bank instead with our one-minute ways to get energy fit.


A race to the finish: driverless cars and the internet of places

Driverless car with technology - concept
Posted 14/10/2016 by E.ON

At first, driverless cars seemed like a dream of the very distant future, but it’s suddenly becoming an exciting reality. More companies are joining the race to get the first self-driving car on the road. But how will these cars be powered in the future?


How do children imagine the future of energy?

Boy with crystal ball
Posted 02/09/2016 by E.ON

We asked children to visualise how they think we will generate and use energy in the coming years - needless to say, the future looks amazing.


7 time saving apps every household needs

Girl on smartphone
Posted 19/08/2016 by E.ON

Organising your diary, crushing candy and even catching Pokemon - there’s an app out there for almost everything. They can be fun, they can be functional, they can even be life changing - especially when it comes to taking control of your home.


Energy through the ages: how has it changed in the home?

Victorian Kitchen
Posted 10/08/2016 by E.ON

Innovations in energy and technology have made our daily household tasks less backbreaking and time consuming than they were for our parents and grandparents. And now energy in the home is becoming even smarter.


How to stay energy smart at university

Students unpacking boxes in house
Posted 04/08/2016 by E.ON

There’s lots to remember when you head off to university. Here are a few quick tips to ensure you’re not caught out by your energy bills - saving you money and hassle in the long run.


The mind-blowing world of connected devices

Tennis player stood on court - E.ON
Posted 09/06/2016 by E.ON

From smart meters to smart security systems, connected technology is everywhere. But did you know that the Internet of Things includes pet wearables, umbrellas and tennis rackets? Here’s our run down of the coolest connected tech around.


What does the future of energy look like?

customers looking at a smart meter monitor - E.ON
Posted 27/05/2016 by E.ON

With carbon targets to meet and fossil fuels running out, everyone’s talking about what the future of energy is going to look like. There’s lots of tech out there, but what’s going to transform the way we think about power?

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