Price caps and other policies: how energy is playing a key role in the UK

wind farm
Posted 15/06/2017 by E.ON

The energy price cap has been one of the most talked about policies from the Conservative manifesto. We take a look at what it really means – and look at other energy issues from the UK General Election.


Our standard variable prices are increasing

energy bill on table with cup of tea - E.ON
Posted 07/03/2017 by E.ON

Today we’ve announced that our standard variable prices are increasing. This isn’t something we take lightly, so it’s important to us that you understand when and why it’s happening, and how it may impact you.


5 handy hints and tips to avoid a costly winter

Woman holding water bottle next to broken radiator - E.ON
Posted 09/11/2016 by E.ON

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping, there’s added pressure on our homes and budgets. But a little extra attention around your home could help protect your pocket. As a helping hand from us to you, here are a few hints and tips on what you could do to keep your bills down – and save a little extra – over winter.


How to stay energy smart at university

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Posted 04/08/2016 by E.ON

There’s lots to remember when you head off to university. Here are a few quick tips to ensure you’re not caught out by your energy bills - saving you money and hassle in the long run.


Complaints at E.ON and how we deal with them

Call centre operator on phone to customer
Posted 11/05/2016 by E.ON

Although we try our best to provide all our customers with great service, sometimes things can go wrong and some customers may be unhappy with the service we’ve provided.


How do energy prices work?

energy bill on table with cup of tea - E.ON
Posted 29/03/2016 by E.ON

There is more to your bill than the price at which energy is bought. Here we explain – in plain English - exactly what can affect the price of your bill and why.


Our relationship with Age UK Enterprises

lady looking at laptop reading news - E.ON
Posted 09/02/2016 by E.ON

We’ve reviewed our relationship with Age UK Enterprises and are announcing that we’ll no longer be offering an Age UK tariff. Find out more about the announcement.


Why we cut our gas prices: what you need to know

kettle on gas stove - E.ON
Posted 05/02/2016 by E.ON

At the beginning of February, we reduced our standard gas prices by 5.1%. Find out how this affected our customers – and what you can do about it.


7 things you need to know about prepayment meters

family staying warm by a fire - E.ON
Posted 22/01/2016 by E.ON

Think you know prepayment meters? We’re here to separate the fact from the fiction to and make sure you know all about this great way of keeping in control of your energy.



What's the deal with E.ON Rewards?

family looking at an energy display at home - E.ON
Posted 14/01/2016 by E.ON

At E.ON, we created our reward points scheme as a way to say thank you to our customers. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of E.ON Rewards. 

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