What happens when a new boiler is fitted?

Every now and then, it’s time for your home to get a new boiler. If you’ve never had a boiler installed in your home before, or it’s been a while, don't worry - below we explain the process from start to finish.

The benefits of getting a modern boiler

While your old boiler has served you well, maybe it’s reached the end of its natural lifespan (around 10-15 years) or had an issue which can’t be fixed. The benefits of getting a modern boiler are that, compared to your older one, the new technology available helps it to run more efficiently. This means you could  save money on monthly bills and also use smart heating controls to monitor and manage your usage more effectively.

How to arrange a new boiler installation

To make sure you’re getting the right size boiler for your home, one of our Energy Experts can go through your hot water and heating needs with you and recommend a suitable model. This can either be done by booking a free video-call or in-home survey. Alternatively, you can get an online quote for a new boiler (which includes installation) that’s ideal for your home in less than two minutes and buy directly online. In addition, we can email you your boiler quote, with your price remaining fixed for 30 days.

Once you’re happy with your new boiler quote, someone will contact you to arrange an installation date and explain what the day will be like. It tends to take three days after your initial call for the installation to take place. However, if your boiler has broken down we will aim to install it sooner.

The steps we're taking to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and keep you safe

  • All our installers are monitored closely for signs of COVID-19 and if any show symptoms we are not sending them on any house visits for at least 14 days. 
  • We're applying a safe space working practice and will ask you to stay in another room at all times while the installation work is being completed.
  • Our installers will wear PPE, protective glasses and gloves, as well as increasing their hand washing.
  • All of our installers will fully adhere to the guidelines set out by Public Health England in regards to COVID-19.

You can read more about our updated processes in response to COVID-19 here or watch our video.

The day of your boiler installation

Depending on the complexity of the boiler installation, it usually takes 1-3 days to install your boiler. Here are the steps we take:

1. Ensure everything is safe and clean

We’ll isolate the water, electricity and gas supplies as necessary during the boiler installation. Our engineers will lay down a protective covering to make sure your floors, carpets and all your home is kept clean and tidy. 

2. Remove your old boiler

We will then conduct a safe and careful drain down and removal of the existing boiler and flue. Unless in the event of asbestos, the removal of your old boiler and any parts is all included in our fixed price, so you won’t need to pay extra. 

3. Install the new boiler

Once your home is ready for installation, our engineers will test the gas supply and suitability of the wall for the boiler fitting. They’ll also alter any pipework and add any support brackets needed for the new boiler. The boiler and flue will then be fitted according to the manufacturer’s instructions and we’ll carry out any electrical work within the home to connect your new boiler.. 

4. Cleansing your system

The next thing we do is give your new system a chemical cleanse to get rid of any unwanted waste material and deposits that have accumulated over time in your heating system and radiators. This will take a few hours to complete.

5. Smart thermostat

If you‘ve opted to get a smart thermostat with your boiler, we’ll also install that and demonstrate how to use it. Having a smart thermostat will help you track your usage better, potentially saving you money on monthly bills.

6. Make sure everything is safe

Finally, our engineers will perform the last safety checks to ensure the boiler is correctly installed and ready to use. 

Things that won’t happen during the installation

Our all-inclusive fixed price makes sure you have a friendly and efficient boiler installation experience. However, there are a couple of things that we want to reassure you won’t happen or things to be aware of  As well as not moving any personal belongings, such as soft furnishing, we won’t get rid of any white goods within your home. This includes fridges, washing machines and cookers. As part of your new boiler installation, we will not carry out any work:

  1. Related to asbestos such as surveying, sampling, testing and removal, whether identified at the point of survey or during the installation. We are able to quote for the treatment of household asbestos as a separate assignment.
  2. To existing radiators, valves or associated pipework. This includes, but is not limited to, tap washers and toilet cisterns.
  3.  Or any structural, building or groundwork due to the installation. Additional costs will apply here.

What happens after your boiler has been installed

Once the boiler has been safely fitted, checked and we’ve let you know how it works, our engineers will provide you with a complete handover pack. This includes manufacturer’s instructions, electrical minor works certificate (if required), a gas certificate and a building notification. Lastly, we will also provide a 12-month workmanship guarantee and register your manufacturer’s guarantee (which can be up to 10 years, depending on the package you’ve agreed to).

How long does it take to fit a boiler?

That depends on the type of installation you have.

  1. Direct replacement, same location
    If you’re doing a ‘like-for-like’ replacement, with minimal extra work required, it can be done in a single day.
  2. Same type of boiler, different location
    Moving your boiler means pipework and fittings have to be adjusted in your property. If you're moving it to another floor, this could mean floorboards have to be raised to extend your gas run. It can take 1-2 days to complete, and the further away you move your boiler the more it will cost and the longer it will take to complete.
  3. A new system upgrade
    If you’re changing your boiler type, for example going from a regular to a combination, it will take a couple of days to safely install. Your engineer may need to add/remove (depending on the change) a water cylinder or tank and make structural changes to your home.

    For more information read our guide on how long does it take to replace a boiler?

How much does a boiler installation cost?

If you buy a new boiler from us, the installation will be included in your overall price, so you won’t need to worry about additional costs. We'll always let you know about any extra work before agreeing to the installation, so there aren’t any last minute surprises. Overall, the cost depends on the type and size of boiler you need to heat your home, where your boiler is installed and whether you want to move it. The more powerful a boiler is, the more expensive it will be, and different types of boilers (combi, regular and system) also have different prices.

Simple installations such as replacing your existing combi boiler with a new combi boiler in the same position will cost a lot less than changing an existing regular boiler for a new combi boiler in a different room because our engineers will have more work to do.

For a boiler replacement price or if you aren’t sure what you need, answer a few questions on our online tool or read our guide on which is the best boiler for you.