How much does it cost to move a boiler?

Thinking about moving your boiler but not sure how much it costs?

Here, you can find out how much it costs to relocate a boiler and factors that can impact the price.

Why move a boiler?

There are many reasons you might want to move your boiler. Maybe its placement is in the way, or preventing you from adding an extension or loft conversion, or you want to make more space in the room your boiler is in, such as your kitchen or bathroom, or just want to hide it from view in your garage, loft or kitchen cupboard. It is possible to relocate your boiler, however there are some costs involved. Costs of moving a boiler can depend on factors such as where you want to relocate it to and the type of boiler you have.

How much does it cost to move a boiler?

As no boiler move is the same, the cost can range from around £350 to £750 but depends on your needs and the parts and labour required. With any boiler move, there will be a cost in draining the system down, moving the pipework and electrical connections. The price will depend on how far you move your boiler.

Additional costs to consider

Outside of the above costs, there are other things that can change the price of relocating your boiler:

Where can I move my boiler to?

You can move your boiler anywhere you like, but you need to work out the most suitable place for your home. Consider things like how easy it'll be to access and that it's located in a place where it won't need to be moved in the future.

Airing cupboard

Why it’s a good idea

Great option for combi boilers



Why it’s a good idea

Moving your boiler to the loft means you don’t lose any living space and it’s nicely hidden away from view. 



Why it’s a good idea

The bathroom is a pretty common place to house your boiler, as long as its placement follows the regulations such as ensuring the boiler is contained within a cupboard and has an adequate distance from the bath/shower,



Why it’s a good idea

While less common option due to potential noise, however can be contained within a cupboard if it’s a more suitable use of space for your home than, say, the bathroom. 


Why it’s a good idea

The boiler will be out of the way.



Why it’s a good idea

A popular option as you can hide it within a kitchen cupboard, without impacting the look.

Utility room

Why it’s a good idea

This is one of the most popular places to have a boiler as it’s out of the way and not at risk of freezing.

Want to move your boiler?

When considering relocating your boiler, make sure you get advice from your gas engineer on the best places to move it based on the cost, boiler type and space available. Also, make sure you speak to your gas engineer If you’re thinking about getting a new boiler and want to move it, take our questionnaire to find out how much it could cost.