How to set boiler timer controls

It pays to manage your boiler programme. By setting a boiler timer you get more control over your energy costs, while keeping your home warm and being more sustainable.

Make your home more efficient by using your boiler timer controls

A boiler timer lets you set the hours when you want your heating and hot water on during the day. Using the timer can help your boiler run more efficiently and could help save you money on your energy bills. While older models have mechanical timers that need to be set by hand, modern boilers usually have digital timers. You can also use smart thermostats to control your heating remotely via an app or the thermostat interface such as tado° or the Worcester Bosch EasyControl.

What are the benefits of setting a boiler timer?

Boiler timers let you manage your heating to fit in around you and your family’s life. This means having a warm home and hot water when you need it - and saving money on heating when you don’t need it on.

For example, if you’re going on holiday, you can turn down the temperature or change it to a frost setting to save money. Using less heating will help reduce your energy usage, making your home more energy efficient and ensuring comfort all year round. You can make your home warm and cosy when you need it to be.

How to set manual boiler timer controls

Older boiler models use mechanical timers and must be set by hand. If you have a manual timer, here’s how to set it: 

  1. Set the dial to the current time
  2. The pins on the timer mark 15 minute slots, so push in the pins at the time want your boiler to be on
  3. Set the boiler switch to the timer option

How to set a digital boiler timer

To set a digital boiler timer, you can follow the instructions from Worcester Bosch.

The instructions found in the video linked above are for the Greenstar Comfort Controls Range, however, instructions are likely to be similar for all timers of this type. 

What do the different boiler timer settings mean?

  • 24hrs/On - Heating is on and will remain on until you turn it off
  • Off - Heating is off and will remain off until you turn it on
  • All day/Once - Heating will turn on at the first ‘on’ time you set for that day and turn off at the last ‘off’ time
  • Auto/Twice - Heating will turn on and off twice in any 24 hour period
  • Advance - Sends the programmer to the next ‘on’ or ‘off’ setting in the daily cycle and will turn off at the time set
  • +1hr/Boost - Central heating or hot water comes on for 1 hour for an extra ‘boost’ of heat