Everything you need to know about boiler services

Your boiler is one of the most important features of your home. It helps to keep you warm and provides hot water when you need it.

The importance of a boiler service

It's important that you take good care of your boiler to avoid unpleasant situations like breakdowns or leaks. We provide boiler cover which helps to maintain the performance of your boiler and fix any potential issues. Read on to find out the benefits of regularly servicing your boiler, what it might cost and how often you should be doing it.

What happens during a gas boiler service?

You should look to service your boiler once a year, and it tends to only take an hour. In this time, your engineer will run safety checks to ensure it's running smoothly, raise any potential issues and give your boiler a good clean. 
After the inspection, you'll receive a post-service report. Keep that in a safe place as it is important to keep your warranty valid.