E.ON Optimum

Energy management has never been so easy.

A system built on understanding

E.ON Optimum is a cloud based energy platform that gives you energy intelligence that can help to reduce your consumption and costs with ease, enabling you to make faster and better decisions for your business.

Optimise your energy

Get a better understanding of your energy consumption to stay in control.

Active cost control

Keep an overview of the behaviour of your energy management systems.

Lower CO2 emissions

You can better control your current energy consumption and plan your future.

How does it work?

Optimum uses data from intelligent meters, your Building Management Systems or from gateway boxes.

Thanks to the compatibility of our software Optimum analyses data to give you a view of your consumption in order to manage your energy use effectively.

If you need any additional hardware we can provide you with a solution that's tailored to your needs.

Which package is right for my business?

There are multiple tiers of Optimum designed to fit around your business. It's split into levels from Entry to Professional to be flexible to meets your needs. See below for more information.


With Optimum Entry you'll be able to analyse your energy consumption for single or multiple sites and compare them. You'll also be able to aggregate data of selected sites. 

More features: 

  • Compare periods of energy consumption
  • Export energy data as XLS and CSV formats
  • Visualise your energy in a simple chart


With an upgrade to Optimum Plus you can increase the transparency of your energy consumption and identify saving potentials.

More features:

  • Analyse, compare and evaluate your consumption across all of your sites
  • Rank your sites according to your consumption to see site performance
  • Identify load peaks and analyse in a table view


Optimum Advanced allows you to analyse large building portfolios and benchmark performance as well as taking into account additional parameters such as outside temperatures and operating schedules. 

More features:

  • An analysis function that recognizes important findings from the behaviour of the building and systems
  • Evaluate key indicators such as electricity consumption per square meter
  • React to problems immediately and customise reports


Optimum Professional enhances the user experience, functionality, data analysis and customer administration. 

More features: 

  • Track project performances and the effectiveness of energy measures
  • The ability to forecast consumption based on historical data and self learning algorithms
  • Budget forecasting around past trends

E.ON Optimum

Find out what Optimum can do for your business.

More about Optimum

How does Optimum work?

Data analysed and visualised on Optimum can come from Intelligent Meters, your Building Management Systems (BMS) or via gateway boxes.

Utility data from Intelligent Meters installed in your buildings can be imported directly from your grid operator. If Sub-Meters are installed and connected to a BMS, your data can be transmitted to the Optimum cloud solution via a number of methods. Data can also be imported in different file formats.