Build smart cities and communities

See how we can help you build smarter, sustainable and progressive cities and communities.

Transforming lives with technology

Ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions present an enormous challenge to cities and communities. We connect heating, electricity and e-mobility to help you solve this challenge and actively shape a climate-neutral environment.

Meet low-carbon targets

Build a low-carbon community to guarantee a more sustainable future.

Overcome challenges

Our solutions are flexible to help you solve common and complex challenges.

End-to-end service

Your dedicated team of experts will be on call every step of the way. 

Electric vehicle charging

Future-proof your community by joining our growing electric vehicle (EV) charging network. We provide the infrastructure, you benefit from a low-carbon future and clean air zones.

Combined heat and power

Combined heat and power (CHP) units are not only an efficient way of generating energy, they’re a sustainable one too – helping lower CO2 emissions and reliance on the grid.

Solar PV

Supply renewable electricity to your local infrastructure and reduce CO2 emissions by integrating solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

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