Clean air for your business

We're committed to helping companies meet their carbon reduction targets with solutions from solar panels to heat pumps and electric vehicle charging. 

Helping your business towards a cleaner energy future

Businesses can contribute to lower emissions by using less energy, so we’ve made a commitment to supporting your business in changing the way you use and manage energy.

"Climate change and air pollution are two of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

Industry and governments can help people and organisations to play their part, and we at E.ON are focused on what we can do to enable this, by finding and applying the energy solutions for customers that will help make the air cleaner."

Michael Lewis – CEO E.ON UK

What can your business do?

To improve the air we breathe it's important that businesses try to embrace a lean, clean, green philosophy. In our whitepaper we've identified a number of solutions that can help you and your business start saving both money and energy.

What can we do for your business?

Our solutions could help your business be more energy efficient, whilst contributing to clean air and even cutting costs along the way. With rising air pollution influencing the Government’s Road to zero policy. Our electric vehicle charging points could help your fleet, employees and customers stay charged at work and on the road.

What the Government is doing

The Government has implemented several schemes and legislations that aim to encourage businesses to cut their carbon emissions. We’ve provided advice on a range of these from Climate Change Levy to Electricity Market Reform and more.

The white paper

We’ve written a white paper outlining how we can all make changes that will help clean the air.

Download a full printable PDF version of the white paper