Reducing carbon emissions

Decarbonisation for a cleaner energy future.

Is it time to cut your carbon footprint?

Mitigating climate change is a difficult challenge. The government is currently committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to 1990 levels by 2050. Under current proposals the 2050 target may change to net zero.

The global economy is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels today. The largest contributor to emissions is carbon dioxide (CO2), which is emitted when fossil fuels are burnt to meet our energy demands.

Decarbonisation of the electricity system is seen as a significant step towards achieving this target and avoiding the dangers of climate change.

What can we do about it?

In many ways the journey away from fossil fuels has already begun, with electric cars, charging stations and solar panels becoming a more and more familiar sight on our roads, streets and in our daily lives.

On April 24 2018 the electricity system in Britain ran continuously without coal generation for 76 hours, fast forward just over a year to May 6 2019 and that had increased to over 100 hours, a new record, and reflective of our increasing reliance on renewable energy sources. 

We can help you reduce your carbon emissions

We’re focussed on creating a sustainable energy future and with the help of our energy solutions we believe everyone can contribute to a lower carbon future. 

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