Being Green


The ultimate solution for air quality is to decarbonise entirely. Delivering net zero by 2050 will require fossil fuels to be practically eliminated. Business can help, by switching to zero carbon technologies.

Solar PV and battery storage

Solar PV is practical for businesses with large areas such as roofs. The performance of solar PV is enhanced when it is integrated with a battery.

Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles are another important part of being green. For many companies, such as couriers, short journey and light-delivery missions are particularly suited. Businesses can help their employees switch to plug-in vehicles by taking advantage of the current tax breaks available. Benefit in kind, vehicle excise duty, capital allowances, and salary sacrifice regimes all incentivise electric vehicles. Calculations by a coalition of car manufacturers show that company car drivers can pay between £2,940 and £4,880 less tax over four years, depending on their tax bracket.80 There are grants for installing charging points at commercial premises. The Workplace Charging Scheme grant, a voucher-based scheme, is up to £500 for each charging socket, up to a limit of 20.81

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