Solutions for our workplaces

Solutions for our workplaces to help clear the air

Every week around 32 million77 Britons go to work. The workplaces in which we operate have a key role to play in determining the quality of air that we breathe.

To improve the air we breathe it is vital that businesses as well as consumers follow some simple guidance that can be easily referred to as being lean, being clean, and being green.

What can your business do?

To improve the air we breathe it's important that businesses try to embrace a lean, clean, green philosophy. In our whitepaper we've identified a number of solutions that can help you and your business start saving both money and energy.

Two steps to get started

1.   Appoint an internal energy champion

Appointing an ‘energy champion’ to take control of improving energy usage, ideally a senior manager or board member, can promote better behaviours in staff such as cycling to work or taking public transport. They can initiate investigations into leaner working practices and energy efficient control systems, and work with an energy partner to explore new avenues, such as electric vehicle charging points for staff, solar PV, heat pumps, and the availability of heat networks.

2.  Commission and energy audit

An audit can unite disparate parts of the energy equation into a single, unified, whole. For example, advocating solar PV in tandem with a battery storage solution. Or studying the feasibility of installing electric vehicle chargers.

An audit will also take into account the individual circumstances of each business. When done right, an energy audit can result in lower bills, improved efficiency, and help for companies to embrace better technologies. Empowered by these factors, businesses can also help in the fight for cleaner air.

Suggested policies for businesses to help clear the air

Maintain incentives

Maintain current incentives on businesses to electrify their vehicle fleets.


Invest in energy efficiency

Use business rates to incentivise businesses to invest in energy efficiency and other solutions which enable them to take action and reduce emissions from their buildings.