Your gas supply type and meter management

Your gas supply type

We can identify your gas supply type through your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) which you will find on your bill. Alternatively you can use the Meter Serial Number on your gas meter.

Daily Metered (DM) gas supplies

This kind of gas meter has a data logger fitted to record, store and transmit daily readings and measurements. This not only means your bills are more accurate, but also gives you the data you need to help you analyse your gas consumption and manage it better.

Non Daily Metered (NDM) gas supplies

This is the traditional type of gas meter. It is read manually, and you are then billed for your gas consumption either monthly or quarterly. If you would like to receive regular invoices which are always based on actual meter readings, not estimated readings, you can install an Automated Meter Reader (AMR) device. E.ON currently install AMR devices as standard for any new gas customer.

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Managing your gas meter

What is a Meter Asset Manager (MAM)?

A MAM is the organisation who installs and undertakes work on a gas meter. When you join E.ON you can have this provided by E.ON and the cost will be passed on through your supply bill. Alternatively, you can choose to appoint your own MAM and if you do then you will be invoiced separately by your chosen MAM. If you choose to appoint your own MAM you will also take on the associated responsibilities under the Gas Act 1986.

What is a Meter Reading Agent (MRA)?

A MRA is our appointed agent who will read your meter at regular intervals to ensure accurate and consistent data is used to calculate your bill. Our MRA is also responsible for inspecting the meter to ensure it is being maintained under the Gas Act 1986 and updating the details of the inspection on centrally held records.