Export propositions

If you have on-site generation, our range of export propositions gives you access to additional revenue by selling excess electricity back to the grid. Give us a call on 02476 424242 and select option 3 to discuss your requirements, or fill out our callback form and we'll be in touch.

One less worry

We bill ourselves for the energy you sell us, so you can rest easy knowing the financials are taken care of.

Contracts to suit you

All products are available for up to three years as standard. Longer contracts are available on request.

No surprises

Third party costs and benefits are passed through to you at an agreed percentage.


Allows you to have flexibility of how much electricity you export and when. As you export, we'll pay you based on the industry published settlement price.


Provides flexibility to make changes based on shifting requirements and prices. Forecast against day-ahead market index and re-forecast up to 8am the working day before.


Designed for businesses who require budget certainty and a view on how much energy you'll export and when. Once we have your forecast, we'll agree a price for the electricity upfront.

Maximise your export energy revenue

For more information about the energy export products, please get in touch.