Half-hourly meters

Large energy users can benefit from remote, fully-automated readings of their electricity meter on a half-hourly basis.

A real-time energy view

A half-hourly meter provides large businesses with more regular meter readings, so you can view consumption data throughout the day and make smarter decisions and adjustments accordingly.

Reliable service

We currently manage and maintain over 20,000 half-hourly meters for businesses all over the UK.

Get accurate billing

Say goodbye to estimated bills. Your figures will be based on actual readings, so you can plan smarter.

Optimise your energy

Get access to E.ON Optimum, giving you a clearer picture of your energy consumption.

Do I need a half-hourly meter?

Half-hourly meters are required for energy users that typically use 100kW or more every half hour. The meters are also mandatory for all businesses with profiles 05-08. You can find your profile by checking the first two digits of your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), from your electricity bill.

How do I get set up?

Get in touch

Register your interest and we'll make an appointment to come and fit your half-hourly meter at a time that suits you.

Get installed

We'll often fit your equipment for free, but in some cases, such as when further modifications are required, we may need to charge for work.

Manage your meters

To manage your meter, you'll need to appoint a half-hourly Meter Operator and Data Collector.

Track your usage

We'll give you access to E.ON Optimum, so you can get a clear picture of your energy consumption.

Get in touch

We can advise you on all your meter needs, from installing and managing your half-hourly meter to appointing an operator and data collector.

Your electricity supply type

How do I identify my electricity supply type?

You can identify your electricity supply type by looking at your current bill. Your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) or supply number will be shown on it.


If the first two numbers in the top left-hand box are 00 then you have a Half-Hourly meter. Any other numbers mean you have a non Half-Hourly meter.


The meter allocated to your business will depend on your energy use, the type of business it is, the equipment it uses, and the site. Don’t worry – we’ll help you understand everything about your supply type and the obligations that go with it.