Half-hourly meters

If you're a large energy user you could benefit from our industry leading half-hourly meters.

Industry leading

We've been providing businesses with industry leading half-hourly meter installation and support for over 20 years. You couldn't be in better hands.

Get accurate billing

Say goodbye to estimated bills. Your figures will be based on actual readings, so you can plan smarter and have confidence in your energy usage.

More than just a meter

Not only can we install your meter, we can be your ongoing meter operator and provide data collection and data visualisation.

Easy to work with

We have a dedicated sales and service team who have over 20 years of experience managing and operating meter services. We can offer an end-to-end service, from installing and maintaining to reading and visualising. 

Do I need a half-hourly meter?

Half-hourly meters are required if your Profile Class is 00. If you have a half-hourly meter, you need to have a meter operator, data collector and data aggregator agreement in place.

You can find your profile by checking the first two digits of your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), from your electricity bill.

Already have a half-hourly meter?

If you've already got a half-hourly meter, we can maintain it as your meter operator. We also offer data collection and visualisation on your energy usage, ensuring that you have complete transparency over how you're using your energy.

More than just a half-hourly meter supplier

Making us your meter operator

Our fully accredited team offer an end-to-end meter operating service for the duration of your contract and we'll fix any problems or faults within the industry standard levels of service, giving you peace of mind.


Appointing us to manage your data

We offer a service that collects your half-hourly data, validates it and sends it straight to your supplier for billing.

Whether you want to keep a close eye on your costs or reduce your carbon emissions, we've got the tools to help.

Managing your energy use

Entry level of our visualisation tool Optimum is included with our data collection service, with upgrade packages available, helping you to track your usage to see how you can manage your energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

How do I get set up?

Get in touch

Give us a call or drop us an email and we'll make an appointment to come and fit your half-hourly meter at a time that suits you.

Get installed

We’ll provide you with your meter and maintain it throughout your contract with us.

Manage your meters

If you choose us as your data collector and data aggregator we’ll take your readings remotely and aggregate them before sending to your energy supplier for billing.

Track your usage

If we're your data collector, you'll get access to Optimum Entry, our cloud based solution for capturing your data and managing your energy use.

Get in touch

We can advise you on all your meter needs, from installing and managing your half-hourly meter to appointing an operator and data collector.