Moving business premises

Transfer your gas and electricity supply when your business moves premises.

A hassle-free way to move your supply

We'll help you move your supply when you change premises, so you never go without power. We provide a quick and easy way of setting up a new supply with us or closing your current E.ON account so you don't miss any payments.

How it works

Take a meter reading

Make a note of your current meter readings, the date you took them and your account number, which you'll find on any recent bill.

Complete a form

Choose the right form below to enter your details.

We'll do the rest

We'll call you if we need any more information to complete your move.

Live chat

If you prefer to chat online, we have advisors available now to update your account.

Tell us you're moving in

If you're moving into new premises and want to set up an E.ON account, complete our form and we can get your new supply up and running.

Tell us you're moving out

If you're leaving your current premises, we'll help you close your account so you won't continue to get charged. Complete our form to get your final bill.

Landlords: set up a tenant

If you're a landlord with tenants moving in or out, complete your new tenants' setup with an E.ON account.

E.ON as your meter operator

If you're a large business, you might need a meter operator to install and maintain your metering equipment and enable your data collection. We provide an independent and flexible service to provide accurate data.