How can I get a copy of my bill?

Log in to download, view and print your bills whenever you like.

If you don’t have an online account, register here.

I have an estimated bill. How can I give you my meter reading?

You can enter your meter readings online, even if you don't have an onlinr account with us. .

If you want us to remind you to give us your meter readings you’ll need an online account. Either log in or register for an online account .

Once you’re signed in you can give us your meter readings using your online account. 

I think my bill is incorrect. What can I do?

Please check your bill is based on actual, rather than estimated, readings.

Your bill doesn’t need amending if your estimated electricity readings are within 250 units of the reading on your bill, or if the difference on your gas reading is within 45 units for a 4/6 dial meter and within 120 units if you have a 5 dial meter.

How do I submit a VAT declaration?

Download the VAT declaration form and send it to the address on the form. We can backdate VAT declarations and Climate Change Levy exemptions for four years.

To find out if you can get the reduced rate of VAT look on the HMRC website.

Why is VAT calculated at 5% on some bills and 20% on others?

If you use 33 electricity kWh or more per day and 145 kWh of gas or more per day, you pay 20%. If you use less than this you pay 5%.

How do I put my VAT invoice through my books?

Contact your accountant, Customs and Excise or call 0845 010 9000.

How can I find out about my pricing structure?

Log in to your online account to see your bill and get current prices. If you’ve not registered for an online account yet, you can sign up.

Why has my energy been disconnected?

If your your energy supply has been disconnected, it might be because you often don’t pay your bill, if our engineers need to do work to make your site safe, if you ask us to do so, or if there’s an emergency.

What is the Climate Change Levy?

This was set up to improve energy efficiency and is a business tax on the supply of energy products such as electricity, gas and coal.

How do I find out if I'm exempt from the Climate Change Levy?

Customs and Excise can tell you. Visit their website or call 0845 010 9000.

What is the charge per unit?

This is the price of your energy per kilowatt hour (kWh). It differs for gas and electricity, with electricity being more expensive. Your unit rate will depend on where you're based, your type of meter, what your energy plan is and how you choose to pay.

Are there any fixed or standing charges?

We've got different types of plans which may include both fixed and standing charges.

For some of our plans there may be capacity charges per KVA.

Am I committed to a minimum or maximum amount of energy?

Once you've agreed a contract with us, there's no minimum or maximum limit to the amount of energy you can use.

My bill is higher than expected?

If we’ve underestimated your bills in the past your bill will be higher as we’re now charging you for energy you used in previous months

Examples of things that may cause a higher than expected bill:

  • The time of year, as you may use more during the winter months or have seasonal equipment.
  • If there’s been a price change since your last bill
  • If you’ve changed anything in your business, for example new appliances or extended opening hours.
  • If there’s been an increase in the number of people working in the property.
  • If you’ve been doing renovations the appliances used may increase your usage
  • If you have more than one reading on your meter they could be mixed up