Automated Meter Reading equipment (AMR)

Automated Meter Reading equipment (AMR)

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is a technological development that allows reliable and accurate billing based on actual energy consumption.* It automatically sends consumption information (such as meter readings) directly to your energy supplier.

Bills will be based on actual readings, giving you more control over forecasting and budgeting. Having an AMR will mean we don't have to visit your premises each month.**

The Government has put an obligation on all suppliers to make sure that electricity supplies are supplied through an AMR.

They are free to install and we'll replace your existing electricity meter with an AMR meter. Using SIM card technology, this meter will automatically transmit data to us.

You can access this information to help you monitor and manage your monthly energy consumption by registering for an online account.




Call our dedicated AMR team on 0333 202 4861, who can offer a variety of appointments to suit your convenience or email us to get this information.

The AMR will be located in the same space as your current meter, but when we come to install please can you make sure the area is clear and easy for us to access.

Our engineer will need to be at your site for approximately 2 hours to install the meter and test the signal. If the signal strength is low, we will try different SIM Cards. On occasion, the engineer may need to install an antenna to boost the signal.

When you book an appointment to upgrade your meter, our dedicated AMR team will be able to tell you if we need to turn off your supply to complete the upgrade.

If you are part of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, your AMR data can be used in your annual reporting, ensuring you comply with the scheme's requirements. You'll get dedicated customer service support and a better service as we learn more about your energy use.

If you don't allow us to change your meter we'll have to end your plan and move you onto our out of contract prices. More information can be found in the terms and conditions of your contract, which you can find online.


* We may have to estimate a bill if there is a problem with connecting to your meter. We'll contact you to in this event so we can investigate the fault.

** We are obligated to visit once every 2 years to ensure your meter is running correctly and is safe.

What if I already have an advanced meter?

If your previous supplier fitted your advanced meter, or there's a fault with your meter, we might still need to carry out some work so that your meter continues to function as an advanced meter. We will get in touch with you if we need to.

Is an advanced meter the same as a smart meter?

No, a smart meter can communicate in two directions. This means your meter can send information to our systems and our systems can send information back. We don't currently offer smart meters to customers with supplies like yours.

Will you keep my business information safe?

Yes, your meter readings and any other information about your business that the engineer may collect during their visit will be stored securely.

Will the meter change affect my bills?

The price you pay for your electricity won't be affected as a result of the change to your meter. However, if you've received estimated bills previously, your new meter will send us your meter readings remotely - so the amount of your bills could change as they will be based on your actual usage.

How will I know the engineers are genuine?

The engineer will have identification when they arrive at your premises - please check this carefully before you let them in. If you're in any doubt, please call our AMR team on 0333 202 4861 and we'll confirm their identity for you.

What happens if the engineer can't fit the new meter on the day?

Sometimes we might not be able to go ahead with an advanced meter installation on the day. If this happens, the engineer will explain why we're not able to fit the meter and provide you with information about installing your advanced meter at a later date.

If I have a gas meter will you be replacing this as well?

Yes, if you have a gas supply and use more than 732,000 kWh per annum we’ll need to change your meter or fit advanced meter equipment, if we haven’t already. We’ll be in touch shortly about your gas supply if this change impacts you.