New connections and changing suppliers

How do I join E.ON?

If you’d like to join us, you can get a quote online, or call us on 

0333 202 4586

 We're here from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

How do I find out who my electricity supplier is?

To find out who supplies your electricity you'll need to call your local distribution company. The number you need to call depends on where your new building is:

Northern Scotland - 0800 048 3515

Central and Southern Scotland - 0330 101 0300

North West England - 0800 195 4141

North East England - 0845 070 7172

Merseyside and North Wales - 0330 101 0300

South Wales, Midlands and South West England - 0845 601 5972

London, East and South East - 0845 601 4516

South England - 0845 026 2554

Is there a charge for electricity meter installations?

For new connections, meters are provided free of charge. There’s a small charge for meter relocations and upgrades. Please contact us on

0333 202 4920

for further details.

Do I need to let my existing supplier know I’m joining E.ON?

If you need to give notice and don’t, your switch will be cancelled. To help make sure your switch goes as smoothly as possible, please clear any outstanding bills with your existing supplier straight away.

How long will it take to switch to E.ON?

This’ll depend on your current contract end date and whether you’re switching to electricity or gas.

Your start date with us will be in your welcome pack, and you can track your switch at any time by logging into your online account. If you don’t have one, you can register here.

Why do I need to complete a gas application form?

We need specific information in order to process your application so that we can understand the requirements for your gas supply and meter.

What do distribution companies do?

They’re responsible for maintaining the network of cables across the country. Each area of the UK has a different distribution company that looks after the cable network in that area.

Who do I need to contact to get my Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)?

If you already have a meter at the premises, you’ll already have an MPAN. It can be found on your previous bills. Alternatively, you can contact your local distribution company.

Why do I need a Meter Operator Agreement?

This is required for supplies above 110kVA and is an agreement between you and the meter operator for the rental and maintenance of the meter. There’s a charge for the service, which varies between meter operators. Without an agreement, we can't install a meter.