The key to recovery

Our five essentials for energy efficiency transformation

Saving money on energy bills, increasing opportunities for tradespeople, relieving stress on the NHS and improving lives. These are all benefits to be found by a national focus on how energy efficiency can aid a sustainable recovery.

In the days leading up to the Government’s ‘mini-budget’, which included plans for greener recovery, E.ON UK CEO Michael Lewis took part in a Parliamentary roundtable discussion around the role energy efficiency can play in creating jobs, cutting carbon and reducing energy bills.

Organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Renewable and Sustainable Energy (PRASEG), here are Michael Lewis’ key thoughts around why energy efficiency is so important and the benefits they can bring up and down the country:

  1. Upgrading home energy efficiency is the best investment we can make in the UK. As well as energy savings and carbon benefits, it can save people around £270 a year on their energy bills, which is the equivalent of taking 2p in every £ off income tax rates for average earners.

  2. Demand for plumbers, window fitters and roofers has fallen due to disruption from the COVID pandemic and lockdown, so investment in energy efficiency could quickly put tradespeople back into work in the areas most affected and stimulate spending on local goods and services.

  3. An ongoing focus on upgrading homes could significantly reduce pressure on the NHS, especially as we enter the winter period. Government figures show the current poor state of British homes costs the NHS more than £1.4bn a year.

  4. Because of the significant investment in energy efficiency by energy suppliers over many years it is simply a case of ‘turning on the tap’ quite quickly – we have the experience and the momentum to meet the challenge in front of us. Government investment in energy efficiency could drastically improve the state of our housing stock, and create hundreds of jobs in the area.

  5. Key to success lies in making energy efficiency more visible and more enticing to customers. With the example of external wall insulation when people can see the difference it adds value to their properties, it makes the environment more attractive, and it helps drive consumer interest.

We’ve already installed around 1.4m measures in British homes, including through the ECO scheme,, and so have seen first-hand how it has improved our customers’ lives. Find out more about cavity wall insulation, air source heat pumps and solar and battery storage.

You can watch the full PRASEG video here.