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Need to stay up to speed?

We regularly host a range of presentations and webinars that are designed to keep you up to speed with changes in the energy market, news which might affect your business and tips to help improve your energy performance and keep down your costs.

If you would like to watch them again, then you can find the recordings below.

The changing energy market

14 January 2021

During this webinar we share an update on the most significant recent changes in the wholesale energy market. We’ll also explain the shift in charging methodologies that’ll impact how businesses pay for their use of the electricity network.

Tackling fleet decarbonisation

26 November 2020

In the final webinar of our making net zero series, we explored the benefits and challenges of available and future technologies with a focus on EV charging and a vehicle to grid solution to help businesses decarbonise their fleet.

Decarbonise your heating and cooling

12 November 2020

Heating and cooling can be major contributors to your emissions and are often difficult to tackle. Our experts will help you understand how to start your decarbonation journey and achieve all the right benefits for your business and the planet.

Capture value from your data

11 November 2020

Manufacturing environments are data rich but, in many cases, information is poor. Optimum Manufacturing AI technology collects and organises all of your data in one place and presents a universal version of the truth. Join us to see how these analytic tools can empower your people to make smarter decisions and optimise your production. 

Net Zero: the other industrial revolution

10 November 2020

Manufacturers today face a number of challenging trends and economic forces, namely COVID, Brexit, Industry 4.0 and now the other industrial revolution, net zero. Our policy expert Dan Meredith takes us through the whys and wherefores of net zero, what it means for your business and how the inextricable link with digitalisation can help you tackle them both together.

Self-generation, storage and renewables

29 October 2020

Renewables and self-generation are key steps to help you achieve your emissions targets, build long-term resilience and mitigate future costs. With a focus on solar generation, our experts will help you understand how self-generation and storage plays its part in your net zero journey.

TRIAD season: what does it mean for your business

27 October 2020

TRIAD season is just around the corner. During this webinar our expert explored historic trends, and things to look out for in the coming season which could help you and your business manage your energy strategy.

Manufacturers special: Turn your wasted heat into energy

23 October 2020

For manufacturers with heat intensive processes, learn how Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) can be part of your net zero journey. Our experts will explain how you can generate clean electricity by transforming your unused heat, lowering your energy consumption from the grid and reducing your carbon emissions.

Visualising net zero from start to success

15 October 2020

Visualising data to assess your emissions is a critical first step in achieving net zero for businesses. We'll take you through the steps to get started, explain how to optimise your existing systems and identify quick wins to get your targets off to a flying start - setting you up to measure and verify your progress, throughout your journey.

Understanding net zero

8 October 2020

In the first of our “Making Net Zero” webinar series, our Environment Manager and policy expert made the complex simple. They explored the whys and wherefores of net zero, what net zero means for your business and how you can benefit during uncertain economic times.

Drive down your energy costs and improve performance

8 September 2020

Our product manager Chris Jenkins explores the benefits of our cloud-based platform, Optimum, and how this can help reduce your consumption and costs with ease, enabling you to make faster and better decisions on your business' energy strategy.

The impact of lockdown easing

6 August 2020

Our experts in energy economics discuss how the easing of lockdown is changing the wholesale energy market and how the longer-term impacts of Covid-19 are likely to affect industry costs. We also explore how businesses will be affected by the implementation of the Targeted Charging Review.

Covid–19 and its impacts on the energy market

28 May 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 is causing a wide range of impacts on the UK energy market. Our energy economics experts explore the impacts on customers’ bills, share thoughts how enduring the changes might be, and other potential considerations in the marketplace.