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We regularly host a range of presentations and webinars that are designed to keep you up to speed with changes in the energy market, news which might affect your business and tips to help improve your energy performance and keep down your costs.

If you would like to watch them again, then you can find the recordings below.

Drive down your energy costs and improve performance

8 September 2020

Our product manager Chris Jenkins explores the benefits of our cloud-based platform, Optimum, and how this can help reduce your consumption and costs with ease, enabling you to make faster and better decisions on your business' energy strategy.

The impact of lockdown easing

6 August 2020

Our experts in energy economics discuss how the easing of lockdown is changing the wholesale energy market and how the longer-term impacts of Covid-19 are likely to affect industry costs. We also explore how businesses will be affected by the implementation of the Targeted Charging Review.

Covid–19 and its impacts on the energy market

28 May 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 is causing a wide range of impacts on the UK energy market. Our energy economics experts explore the impacts on customers’ bills, share thoughts how enduring the changes might be, and other potential considerations in the marketplace.