Transforming energy relationships

The grassroots democratisation of green energy

With the nation's 2050 net zero target, it's never been more important to think about your emissions. This drive for clean green energy is transforming the relationship between energy providers and customers. By becoming partners they can help businesses become carbon neutral and hit their sustainability goals.


At our recent Innovation Days online conference, Thierry Delaporte, the CEO of Wipro Ltd1, an Indian multinational corporation that provides IT, consulting and business process services, discussed the vision needed to deliver the democratisation of green energy in order to achieve net zero carbon emissions and help make our planet more sustainable.

Driving this change is the demand from customers to align with brands that share their environmental values. His vision for the future (and ours) includes a shift that will see utility companies go from being providers of energy to a partner who engages with customers to excite and reward them for living greener lives, while innovating from deep insight into customers' environmental sustainability demands.

"This is an Amazon moment for E.ON as it moves towards providing a personalised shopping basket of clean energy products and services for customers," said Delaporte.

Delivering net zero

We have taken a big step forward with our This is Gravity Ltd project, currently under construction on a 635-acre site just south of Bristol. It will deliver on-site, renewable and low carbon energy solutions for the UK's first commercial smart campus designed to foster clean growth. The Gravity campus will be home to multinationals and innovative scale-ups who want to grow cleanly.

"It will take time to transform people, processes and systems - it's a delicate choreography of heart and science," Delaporte said. "This year will be seen as a seminal year for the energy industry."

"The pandemic means we are now going to see a permanent change and the drive for a cleaner planet has gained strength."

Thierry Delaporte, CEO, Wipro Ltd

This drive will power the ongoing grassroots democratisation of green energy, which will be driven by the changing demands of a new market - climate conscious consumers with a digital lifestyle, who want to align with brands that share their environmental values.