Is battery storage right for your business?

In August 2019, more than 1GW of power suddenly dropped off the UK electricity system resulting in blackouts and localised chaos; thanks to existing battery energy storage installations instantly coming online, much needed resilience and support was provided to the wider network and specific sites.

Battery energy storage has many advantages, not just for the electricity system as a whole but for individual, large users of energy such as manufacturers and other industrial sites, particularly where resilience is required.

Storage avoids loss of power in the event that your electricity supply is interrupted, including the associated costs and operational impacts, by enabling the seamless continuation of operations. It allows your business to continue to operate during brown-outs or black-outs which previously would have caused significant disruption to site.

Battery storage could also be the answer when you require additional power at site, for example to accommodate electric vehicle charge points, by providing additional stored capacity where grid constraints might otherwise prevent them.

On a more day-to-day basis, it allows increased profitability through peak load shaving, and absorbing or discharging energy into the evolving flexibility markets at a time that makes best return on investment.

It makes even more sense if you have your own generation capacity on site – such as solar panels or Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP) – because it allows you to store any surplus power you generate and use it, or sell it later, rather than wasting it.

So could energy storage be right for your business? Before you decide, look at your current energy use and how you can become more energy efficient without storage. Have you considered conducting an Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audit even if the regulations do not require it of your company? Perhaps your systems would benefit from the introduction of capacitors to improve their efficiency and power factor.  

If you believe battery storage could be right for your business, consider bringing in an expert consultant to help you establish what you need and understand what installing storage capacity entails. The battery will need to be the link between your site’s operations and a power source, be that your grid connection or your own onsite generation.

You know your business better than anyone else,  including the long-term strategy and short-term priorities. And with the support of an energy expert - one who understands your exact requirements – you can get the energy storage solution best suited to your current and future business needs.