Is it nearly time to reopen your business?

It’s been a tough time for small businesses, but it looks like the end of the restrictions are on the horizon.

The British Chamber of Commerce’s Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker suggests that businesses are ready for a gradual reopening and a return to the ‘new normal’ (albeit with continued and adaptable support from the government).

If your business is going to be reopening soon, here are some tips to make the transition quicker and easier for you.

1.       Speak to your customers

Many people have been confused about which businesses are allowed to reopen and which aren’t. Get in touch with your customers through social media to let them know when you’re reopening and to reassure them about the measures you’re taking to ensure they and your employees stay safe.


2.       Speak to your suppliers

Like your customers, keep your supply chain informed with when you’ll be reopening, to give them enough time to fulfil your needs.

3.       If possible, stagger your working times

While this isn’t possible in all cases, 61% of small businesses in the Chambers of Commerce study said they can stagger the working time of their staff to help with social distancing measures and provide greater flexibility to staff.


4.       Make use of remote working

This isn’t appropriate, or even possible, with many jobs but by having colleagues continue to work from home when they can helps reduce the risk to staff and allows those who do need to be on the premises to more easily social distance.

And of course, there is lots you can do from an energy perspective to make sure you’re in the best position to get back to work.


5.       Take meter readings

Your business premises have most likely been using little or no energy while you’ve been closed, so take your meter reading and send it to us to make sure you only pay the right amount. The last thing you need is an unexpected large bill.


6.       Download our app

Our phone lines may still be busier than normal at this time. Our mobile app is a handy way to provide your meter readings, make payments and view your bills. Download it to make managing your account even easier.


7.       Set up an online account

There’s a world of things to get going on once you get back to normal – so if you didn’t want to manage your account on your mobile then you can still register an online account to make it quick and easy to provide meter readings and pay your bills without needing to call us.


8.       Check your energy plan

Your energy plan may have ended while your business was closed, meaning you’ll have moved onto our non-contract rates which may be different to what you were paying before. Don’t worry, we can agree a new contract with you and backdate the new contract prices to when your old plan ended.


9.       Further advice

Government have produced further guidance to help you and your employees work safely during the coronavirus outbreak , including practical measures you can put in place.

Created May 2020