Get Promoted: your energy saving toolkit

Calling all energy managers

Here at E.ON we know how important energy management is in the workplace. Reducing your company’s energy consumption not only positively impacts your bottom line but also reduces carbon emissions. So, a win for your company and a win for our planet!

However, despite these two clear benefits, we know how hard it can be to convince your colleagues to be energy efficient at work. In fact, in a recent piece of research that E.ON conducted, we found that people are more willing to be energy efficient at home than they are in the workplace.

For example, 49% of employees are likely to turn their appliances off at the plug at home, as opposed to just 27% at work. It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that a whopping 50% of employees admitted to not switching off their computer and screen at the end of the working day.

The question is, how do you inspire your colleagues to make these changes at work, like they do at home? Download our guides below.

Download our guide

In this pack we have included some top tips on how to prompt behavioural change in your office, so that your workplace can excel in energy efficiency. 

Download our toolkit

Download our toolkit of posters and stickers - which you can easily print out and place around the office to help bring about this positive change.