Energy managers

Putting forward the case for promotion

Energy management

Good energy management can make a huge difference to the bottom line of a company – but it’s a role that, according to recent research by E.ON, is going largely unappreciated by most other employees. Put simply, do your promotion desires demand a promotional boost?

Only 4% of people in the UK(1) think energy management is important to keep their business operating effectively.

And while 92%(2) of staff who manage their company’s energy believe office colleagues would be able to identify them as the decision-maker for energy, in reality nearly half of employees (49%) say they do not know who manages energy in their workplace.

Clearly, energy managers need a boost and some recognition for all the good work they do. That’s why we are providing advice to energy managers to help give their careers a boost in the form of tips, as well as a downloadable kit, aimed at supporting them to take a step up the ladder.

Getting recognised for your efforts

We believe that if you’re making a significant difference to your company’s bottom line and improving your company’s energy usage and energy efficiency, it’s only fair you are rewarded for the results of your effort. For too long energy managers have been the unsung heroes of the office, but it’s time for that to change.

We want our campaign to help energy managers deliver even greater energy savings in 2019 for their business, better communicate their value to the company and demonstrate why their contribution deserves better recognition.

Here are our tips to getting promoted

  • Keep colleagues (and your leadership team) informed of new energy saving measures and their successes. Research showed 63% of energy managers have installed a real time energy monitoring system in their building, but only 11% of employees are aware of this fact.
  • Communicate the savings in a way that feels real. For example, could the savings from everyone turning off their computer and screen each day (something only 50% of employees do currently) save enough to buy breakfast for the whole team?
  • Data is everything. Whether it’s sharing the ROI with your finance director or creating a competition between different teams you’ll need to provide proof of success – and you can’t manage what you can’t monitor, right?

Get that promotion

  • Don’t forget comfort. Numbers on a spreadsheet only tell one side of the story. If colleagues feel more comfortable in the office (and if they aren’t arguing between themselves over whether it’s too hot or too cold) then they should be more efficient and effective in their roles. Find a way to gauge their opinions and their feelings – your HR Director and Sales Manager might thank you for it!
  • Don’t forget to get commercial too. Your customers or clients are increasingly expecting you to be more sustainable too, so signing up to a 100% renewable energy supply for example, could provide a positive brand boost, which can be just as valuable as saving energy.


  1. Survey of 500 full and part-time office workers in companies with more than 50 employees, conducted by OnePoll between 06.11.18 – 14.11.18

  2. Survey of 500 utilities / energy decision makers in companies with more than 50 employees, conducted by OnePoll between 06.11.18 – 14.11.18