Thanks to our colleagues working to keep us all powered

These are unprecedented times and our priority remains supporting our most vulnerable customers, making sure people have the power and gas they need, and helping people to stay safe and healthy at home and in business.

Energy is an essential service, and from our field engineers responding to emergencies across the country to our customer service specialists offering advice over the phones, our colleagues are continuing to be there for customers and to help keep their businesses powered and running.

We’re extremely proud of their hard work and dedication – those still at work and also those colleagues who are volunteering their time, skills and vehicles to help in their communities through the NHS volunteering scheme. And the feedback they've received from our business customers is especially gratifying at the moment.


Paul, Martina, Vicky, Mark and Benjamin are just a few of our colleagues who are working hard to support our business customers during this tough time.

“Excellent help with my bills in response to coronavirus. Means a lot to my restaurant business for which you supply gas and electricity. Polite, up-beat, friendly. Resolved the issue swiftly. Very sympathetic” – about Benjamin, Customer Service Advisor


“… the lady I spoke to on the live chat was so helpful in this time of crisis. She was genuinely helpful…” – about Vicky, Customer Service Specialist


“Mark was very helpful explaining everything to me very supportive at this difficult time for small businesses” – about Mark, Customer Service Advisor


“… they gave me the extra mile. I was asking for our [direct debit] to be reduced in line with closing the village hall and they agreed…” – about Paul, Customer Service Advisor


“Due to pandemic was ordered to temporary close business premises and not able pay shop bills on time. Lady advisor was very helpful and understanding...Thank you” – about Martina, Customer Service Specialist

In these challenging times, we need to focus on dealing with emergencies. So to help us do so, we’re asking all our customers, where possible, to register their online account via our app or through our website. From there you can manage your account through our self-serve applications, including submitting meter readings to ensure you continue to receive accurate bills, viewing bills and making payments.

To help you stay up-to-date with our advice and support for our business customers during this period, we’re continually updating our coronavirus help and support hub with the latest information and advice. 

Published April 2020