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Why lighting and controls should matter to your business

The right lighting for your business can improve energy efficiency, deliver energy savings and improve employee comfort and productivity.


Good lighting is not only a factor in our ability and efficiency at work, artificial lighting also accounts for almost half of a building's electricity consumption. So getting lighting right has some serious advantages: it can boost your energy efficiency, deliver energy savings, lower your carbon footprint and improve employee comfort and productivity.

Reduce energy costs

Your company can cut its energy costs by focusing on both devices and use. LED lighting is cost-efficient as it is both easier to maintain and has a longer lifespan than traditional lighting. Switching to LED lighting alone can save 85% from the lighting element of your electricity bill. More complex building management systems and smarter controls can also help reduce energy consumption. For example, blinds which automatically shift up and down depending on the available natural light, motion sensors that activate lights only when movement is detected, rather than staying on constantly throughout the day. Predictive maintenance can also guide your facilities team to replace lights when they're about to fail instead of replacing them unnecessarily or when it's too late.

Improve employee comfort and boost their productivity

The nature of work is evolving. Shift-work and an always-on culture has led to office and commercial work spaces fitted with lighting that might be less than ideal, and certainly work conditions for most of us tend to involve a degree of artificial lighting.

It makes sense that none of us actually wants to work in a cramped space with poor lighting. Research has shown there is a direct link between sunlight and employee well-being which, in turn, affects productivity. Lighting systems such as Solatube Daylighting help minimise a building's dependence on artificial light by capturing sunlight from the building's roof and redistributing it throughout the facility.

While lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of colleague comfort, it can make a big difference to their working day. Building management apps using advanced technologies can recognise employees when they enter and exit rooms and modulate lighting conditions and other pre-recorded preferences, such as room temperature, accordingly. Enabling employees to lead the charge on lighting might be one more tool in your arsenal to help with talent retention.

Good lighting is one of the important components of a healthy work environment and can buoy employee engagement and productivity. It can also improve your organisation's energy efficiency with resulting energy savings. Is it time you thought about the lighting in your business?