Battery storage

Increase business resilience and avoid production losses with a back-up power supply.

What’s battery storage?

Batteries give your business flexibility, protecting you from rising energy costs and market volatility by helping you become more self-sufficient. You could save up to 80% on grid fees.

Avoid high peak charges

Reduce your dependency on the grid and protect against rising energy costs.

Create additional revenue

Utilise storage solutions in the central marketplace.

Boost self sufficiency

Create back-up energy for critical processes.

How it works

We’ll connect your storage system to your existing energy infrastructure. It will sit between your grid connection and your site’s operations.

The battery can be used to store energy on-site as a back-up power supply, or to deliver power to the local grid. You could also trade your stored energy in the wholesale energy market, or use it for your on-site applications to save money.

We’ve installed the UK's first battery installation

The Blackburn Meadows battery was successful in National Grid’s Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) tender to deliver technologies capable of responding in less than one second at times of either an over or under supply of energy to the grid.

Get in touch

We provide an initial assessment to identify the value of storage for your business. You can then choose from our full design, delivery, operation and maintenance options.