Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

Improve energy efficiency and energy management through our innovative solutions.

Save an average of 20% on energy costs

The sooner you complete an Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) audit, the sooner you can start to understand exactly where and when you're wasting energy and what measures will deliver the best return on investment.

Get expert guidance

We work closely with the Carbon Trust and can offer a full ESOS service package.

Drive cost savings

We’ll help you identify areas that need improvement and will recommend ways to save.

Meet sustainability targets

Improve efficiency through our range of solutions from energy efficiency to renewable power.

Who needs to comply?

If you employ more than 250 people or have an annual turnover over £38.9m, and a balance sheet over £33.4m your business must comply with the ESOS regulations. To comply, you will need to carry out an assessment of energy use and energy efficiency across your sites.

The clock is ticking on ESOS

ESOS is run by the Environment Agency (EA) and the regulations require audits to be carried out every four years with failure to comply resulting in a potential fine.  Phase 2 of the assessments has now commenced with businesses preparing and starting the process to meet the compliance date of December 2019.

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Our energy experts will not only be there to guide and organise the process, but they’ll also work with you on the output and help you understand your options to drive energy and other efficiencies within your business.

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