A cost-effective and sustainable solution, biomass plants turn cheap, accessible biofuels into energy for your business.

What is biomass?

Biomass is any organic, renewable material that can be used as fuel to generate electricity. Producing energy from biomass has the potential to make a significant, sustainable contribution to the UK's heat and energy generation needs in the future.

Help your carbon footprint

Using a renewable energy source will lower your business’ carbon emissions.

Use heat more effectively

Energy generated in the process can be supplied to local businesses.

Gain flexibility and stability

Different biofuels can be used, offering flexibility and security to stabilise prices.

How a biomass plant works

Biomass plants use organic materials such as biomass pellets to generate heat and boil water. The steam created turns turbines, that are connected to generators.

The diversity of biofuel guarantees a more secure fuel supply which can often be locally sourced.

We are delighted to build on Sheffield’s reputation as one of the greenest cities, so this development is excellent news for our great city.

Councillor Jack Scott - Cabinet member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene at Sheffield City Council

Our biomass plant powers 40,000 homes

Our biomass-fuelled CHP plant at Blackburn Meadows uses recycled waste wood from the surrounding area to generate heat and power for local homes and businesses.

Eight things you need to know about biomass energy

Biomass allows you to generate your own renewable energy from waste products, and it’s cheaper than you think. No matter what your size, we can find a solution for you.

Find out why you should look into biomass.

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