We're partnering with Nissan to bring vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging to your business.

What is V2G?

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is a new technology that allows electric vehicles to feed energy stored in their batteries back to buildings or to the electricity grid. V2G enables EV fleets to assist in, and financially benefit from, supporting the power system.

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We'll take energy stored in your EV fleet while you don't need it

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Drive cleaner

V2G smooths out peak energy demand on the grid - reducing reliance on fossil fuels

V2G charging with Nissan

With V2G charging you can unlock new economic benefits, lowering the total cost of ownership of your EV fleet.

Vehicles can charge up when costs and demand on the grid are low and export this power back to the electricity network during more expensive periods when demand is high. 

Through the integration of Nissan’s V2G-enabled EVs we can help shape a society whose energy use is sustainable, efficient and affordable. 

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"V2G technology has clear benefits for EV owners, businesses and the environment, helping drive the country towards its carbon neutral future. We’re excited to be partnering with Nissan and combining our expertise to open this technology up to business fleets"

Michael Lewis - CEO, E.ON UK

Why is V2G important?

A smarter grid means less reliance on traditional power plants, bringing us one step closer to the government's carbon-zero target.

V2G can help make the grid smarter by taking the energy stored in your vehicle's battery while you're not using it and putting it back into the grid when demand across the country is at its highest.

V2G is just one of the ways we're helping your business to lower its carbon footprint. See what else we can do together.

Our V2G Trial Offer

10,000 EV driving miles

As our way of rewarding you for the energy you export back to the grid, we’ll offer you up to the equivalent of 10,000 EV driving miles1 per charger each year.

Reduce your carbon footprint

V2G allows EV fleets to give back to the grid when it’s needed the most. Support your organisation’s sustainability goals through participating in our trial.

Funding support

We'll be able to offer trial participants up to 50% off the cost of V2G chargers, installation and maintenance. This is thanks to our trial being part of the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) competition, funded by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), in partnership with Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.

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Frequently asked questions about V2G

What's V2G technology?

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology allows for two-way power flows. This means electric vehicles can be charged as normal while also enabling power to be discharged from EV batteries back to your premises or to the grid. 

How does this benefit me?

While your EV fleet is sitting idle in the evening, there is often lots of energy in it, doing nothing. V2G technology enables you to export that energy back when demand is high - while still making sure your fleet has the power it needs in the daytime and saving you money on your energy bill.

How does V2G benefit the grid and the environment?

As electric vehicles are growing more popular for both private and business use, concern has been raised as to whether there is sufficient grid capacity to cope with peak charging demands. At the same time, the energy sector is undergoing significant pressures to decarbonise and integrate greener energy sources. However, renewable energy is intermittent by nature and cannot simply be turned on at will.

There is a need to find viable solutions to help provide more flexibility in the electricity grid to accommodate increasing electricity consumption and support the integration of renewables. That’s where V2G comes in. 

Given that many electric vehicles spend a high percentage of time idle, being able to utilise their batteries to store energy whilst idle and re-use it at peak times when demand for electricity is high provides a solution to these challenges.

Who can get V2G?

We are partnering with Nissan to bring V2G to EV fleet customers.

Your fleet will need to be Nissan LEAFs or e-NV200s and will require a battery capacity of 30 kWh or greater and a CHAdeMO rapid charging port to be eligible for the trial.

Note for e-NV200s, a rapid charging port is standard on all Acenta and Tekna grades, while it is available as an option on the Visia grade.

Is this only for E.ON customers?

This offer is available to E.ON business customers who get their energy supply from us. We're also able to offer V2G to some non-E.ON customers, but this depends on how your energy contract is structured. In these cases we're not able to guarantee the extent of the savings - but we'll discuss what is possible with you.

Will V2G affect my battery life?

Nissan batteries are designed to cope with the things that can increase battery degradation, like excessive rapid charging. Nissan has conducted – and continues to conduct – research investigating these impacts under various V2G conditions and scenarios. So far Nissan V2G trials haven’t shown increased ageing of the battery. But this is a new technology so Nissan will continue to monitor battery health closely. For your peace of mind, Nissan guarantees the battery warranty for LEAFs and e-NV200s participating in the trial will remain valid.

What do I have to do to get my mileage benefit?

For the full 10,000 free miles, you’ll need to be able to plug in your EVs on weekday evenings and weekends. If the fleet is not available at these times we'll discuss bespoke options with you and may be able to pro-rata the free miles. The mileage benefit will be paid on an annual basis.

Will my battery be ready when I need to drive?

Yes. Using our app, you can tell us when you need the vehicle to be ready and how much charge it needs and we’ll save this to your profile.

For unexpected journeys you can use the app to override charging schedules and switch to standard charging at any time.

The Legal Bits

1 E.ON Energy customers who enter the V2G trial stand to benefit from savings of up to an equivalent of 10,000 miles per annum, (£308) based upon the following assumptions; 40kWh Nissan Leaf, 168 miles (WLTP test procedure) on a full charge (0.238kWh per mile) and an assumed energy price of 12.93p/kWh.