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We can help you turn your energy expenses into ongoing profits. 

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More than just an energy supplier, now offering solutions

We are uniquely placed to help your business reduce its energy use, costs and better help you to profit from efficiency. 

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Reduce energy use

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a solution that offers a significant opportunity for many businesses to reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and increase security of supply.

Integrated energy solutions

From lighting to heating to generation plants and systems. We can help you find a range of energy solutions to meet your business needs. 

Reduce your lighting costs

We offer a complete lighting solutions that could reduce your energy costs substantially, as well as improve staff wellbeing and productivity.

Create a smarter connected workplace

Flexibility and Demand Side Response (DSR)

Your business could reduce its energy charges or earn money from the grid by optimising spare capacity or demand flexibility.

Self regulating buildings

Get smart with your energy consumption with our Building energy management systems. These create detailed feedback on how your building is performing, helping you lower your running costs and improve comfort.

Half hourly metering solutions

Our half hourly meters for businesses give much more reliable energy data. This means you can plan more accurately and identify where you could save money.

Turn energy insight to opportunity

Our Energy Toolkit helps your business to see the opportunities to save money giving you a clear picture of your energy usage.

Generate store and sell energy

Optimise your energy

To reduce costs and create a more sustainable business we connect your flexible energy assets to our Virtual Power Plant.


Generate your own renewable energy with solar panels whilst lowering your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Battery storage

Add battery storage to your solar PV system to allow you to store your excess generation for use later.

Lead the way with innovation

Who we have worked with

We work with a diverse range of large energy users from factories and farms, to football stadiums and luxury hotels. 

We can help you with all your energy needs, from new infrastructure projects to saving money with efficiency measures. 

Large business energy