Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

CHP is a system that converts a single fuel source into both electricity and heat, giving you an energy-efficient, low carbon, cost-effective alternative to traditional energy.

How does it work?

•  At the heart of a CHP installation is a gas powered electricity generator.

• The CHP generator is a combination of a gas powered engine and a generator unit.

• The engine turns the generator to produce electricity for use onsite.

• This process also generates amounts of heat.

• The CHP unit captures this heat so it can be used towards heating the building or other processes.

• This heat can also be cooled to help towards some types of air conditioning and chilling requirements.

Combined Heat and Power diagram - E.ON

How could you benefit? 

• Guaranteed reduction in energy costs.

• Stability of supply and stabilised costs over time.

• Increased efficiency and flexibility for your energy demand.

• Potential for Climate Change Levy exemption and Enhanced Capital Allowances.

• Could contribute to BREEAM assessment credits and
CSR requirements.

• Ability to integrate the CHP plant into your existing systems. 

What does our service include ?

• Free feasibility – we’ll provide a free feasibility study with no obligations and help you understand the generation potential.

• End-to-end solution  – tailored to your business from design and installation to ongoing operation, management and maintenance.
• Monitoring– We’ll also monitor your CHP remotely and you’ll have access to our online tool, so you can keep track of
how much you’re saving, CO2 emissions avoided and current production. 

Two men at CHP plant - E.ONTo find out more  

Talk to your Account Manager or get in touch with our dedicated team of experts on

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Man at CHP plant - E.ON

Customer case study - Reckitt Benckiser 

E.ON are planning, building, financing and operating a 1.5MW
CHP plant to provide heat and power for Reckitt Benckiser.

 The total package is expected to save us around 20% in energy
costs and 4,300 tonnes in CO2 a year, helping us achieve our
target to reduce our carbon footprint 30% by 2020.

Matteo Mori, Supply Director, Reckitt Benckiser