New metering for businesses

Men at meterMany businesses across Great Britain will be considering expansion. You may want new infrastructure building at new locations, or you might want to develop your existing sites to meet future demand. Whatever your plans, when you grow you’ll also need a supply of electricity or gas to go with you. And our Business Energy Connections service can make that transition as easy as possible.

Business Energy Connections

Business Energy Connections provides meter installations and supply contracts to new developments. We not only focus on connecting new and existing builds to the electricity grid and guidance with gas connections, but also on providing them with the right tools for the future. From the moment of first contact, we'll start gathering information to help us clarify your needs and tailor the best energy solutions for you.

An account manager will take time to get to know you and your business. You can get advice on every aspect of your connection, including how to prepare the site for installation.

As it can be difficult to predict energy usage with a new supply, we offer a range of supply contracts to suit your energy requirements

After discussions with your account manager, or the completion of an online application form, we'll email you a detailed quote.

We can also aim to resolve certain problems that may arise in the installation process. For example, if we’re unable to fit your meter as the site isn’t quite ready, we’ll tell you why and help offer a solution. We offer flexible one-day slots for meter fitting, and we aim to fit them on a day that suits you best. If there’s an issue with the installation on our side, we’ll explain the problem in detail and get you ready for a new fitting. 

Getting in touch

Business Energy Connections can get your new development connected to a meter and an energy supply, regardless of whether you’re an existing customer. Fill out our online application form or call 0333 202 4920 for more information.