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  • Our Half Hourly Metering Solutions

    If you have a Half Hourly meter it is mandatory to appoint a Meter Operator and Data Collector. 

    E.ON Data Solutions is an experienced Half Hourly Meter Operator and Data Collector. We manage and maintain over 20,000 meters and collect data for over 15,000 meters for small to large businesses. We provide a nationwide, end-to-end service for Half Hourly Meter Operation, Data Collection and Aggregation.

    You can purchase with peace of mind, as we’re fully accredited for data collection and meter operation in the UK.  

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Why choose E.ON Data Solutions?

  1. Optimise your energy efficiency

    With our Half Hourly Data Collection and Aggregation service, you will  have the option to access our online Energy Toolkit, an intelligent suite of tools that gives you a clear picture of how much energy your organisation uses, as part of your package. 

  2. Flexible offer and pricing

    You can contract with us directly for our independent Half Hourly Meter Operation and Data Collection and Aggregation services, regardless of who your supplier is. A direct contract provides the security that your metering arrangements will not change, no matter how often you change supplier. You can also benefit from our services as part of your supply contract.

  3. End to end service

    We  offer services that can be fully tailored to you and your business needs, with a single point of contact, giving you confidence that we are only a phone call away.

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More about our services

  • Half Hourly Business Energy Meter Installation - E.ON

    Half Hourly Meter Operations

    We’re an experienced and fully accredited Half Hourly Meter Operator, servicing over 20,000 meters.  We offer nationwide coverage, and will maintain your meter across your contract duration.

  • Digital meter dials - E.ON

    Half Hourly Data Collection and Aggregration (DC/DA)

    Our Half Hourly Data Collection and Aggregation team DC/DA team currently manage over 15,000 meters in the UK. We consistently collect and validate more than 99% of actual data across our entire portfolio, which we will then provide to your Supplier.

    Our Half Hourly Data Collection and Aggregation service also offers access to our Energy Toolkit, allowing you to view your energy consumption, keep track of your energy usage and to assist you in controlling costs.

Contact us

  • New customers

    If you’d like to discuss more about our direct contracts 

    Please call us on 02476 187 390

    8am - 4pm Monday to Friday or drop us an email. 

  • Already an E.ON customer?

    Please contact your Account Manager if you'd like to discuss our Half Hourly Meter Operator and Data Collection services.

    Or call us on 02476 000 000

    8.00am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

    Alternatively you can complete our online form for Data Collection services and we will get back to you within 2 working days.