Baby Bills

Most parents find their energy costs go up when they have a new baby

baby in highchairAs every parent knows, life changes forever when the first baby arrives, and that includes the family energy bills.1

The UK is having a baby boom right now, and most of these new parents (64%) will use more energy in the first two months of their little bundle's arrival;1

  • Over a quarter of new parents need to run up to three loads of washing a day, which could mean your washing machine adding £30 to your energy bill over your baby's first 60 days2
  • More time spent at home means your more likely to be watching TV, with more than a quarter of new parents finding they watch up to four hours more a day
  • More than a quarter of new parents use up to three extra gadgets a week, like baby monitors and bottle sterilisers

mom feeding babyThe last thing you want to worry about with a new baby is how your changing lifestyle and technology is affecting your energy bills, so our energy expert Beverley Maguire has put together some top tips to help you minimise the impact on your bills (sorry, but we can't do anything about the sleepless nights!).

  • A tumble dryer is one of the most energy hungry appliances in your home; cutting down on just one load a week could take around £303 off your electricity bill. If you can’t dry your washing on the line or use a clothes horse and you need to use your dryer, give your clothes a quick extra spin in the washing machine beforehand – they’ll dry much quicker.
  • Sleepless nights are an all-too-common feature for new parents, and the extra hours awake will mean the lights need to be switched on more. Try placing energy efficient LED night lights around the house so that you don’t have to use the main light at night;
  • When it comes to bath time, save energy and water by using a baby bath divider or small tub rather than the main bath – there’s no need to fill the whole tub. Getting the temperature right first time can also help save on using lots of hot water only to have to cool it down;
  • Why not rent or hire new gadgets and equipment instead of buying them? The NCT has a rental scheme for new baby necessities, which could save you money in the long run; 
  • Ensure the room where your little one sleeps is fully protected against draughts and cold-air. Simple draught excluders can help keep them cosy without dialling up the thermostat.
  • See our ways to save booklet for more hints and tips