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  • Small businesses call for trustworthy advice on energy efficiency

    Small and medium-sized businesses are under pressure to hit carbon-reduction targets and cut their energy usage, but many are being kept in the dark over the best way to turn off the lights.

    Some two dozen small-business owners attended a free seminar, hosted by the Guardian (in association with E.ON). They heard from energy experts and small-business representatives about the best ways to cut their energy use. Here’s just a few answers given on the night plus interviews from our panellists.

  • Guardian Seminar with E.ON
  • SME energy use

    Why should SME's care about their energy usage? Richard Rugg, Managing Director of the Carbon Trust gives his thoughts

  • Reducing bills

    How can SMEs best reduce their bills? Jack from 4D Data Centres and Mike from the Federation of Small Businesses tell us

  • On top of your bills

    What would help you keep on top of your bills? Christina Chang, Owner at the Blue House Guest House explains

  • Richard Rugg tells us more on why SMEs should care about their energy usage

  • Iain Walker, Head of SME Sales & Marketing at E.ON discusses cost savings

  • Mike Cherry from the Federation of Small Businesses shares his thoughts

  • Jack Bedell-Pearce tells us how 4D Data Centres use energy

  • Adam Fairweather from Greencup gives his experience

  • Iain Walker talks about how customers can keep on top of their bills

  • Women in shop

    We’re always on it

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A brief transcript of the seminar

The seminar covered how to cut costs and make your business more efficient.  The chair opened  the debate and introduced the panellists; Iain Walker from  E.ON, Mike Cherry from the Federation of Small Business, Adam Fairweather from Greencup and Richard Rugg from the Carbon Trust. 

Mike Cherry suggested that there are over 800 separate sources of energy advice for small businesses and that SMEs suffer from a lack of transparency from energy suppliers. Iain Walker commented that E.ON holds regular sessions with small business owners who tell them that they want better guidance about keeping their bills down – he said that E.ON have addressed this with launching the Energy Toolkit to provide SMEs with greater transparency about energy costs. Adam Fairweather from Greencup added that most small businesses would welcome clear and easily accessible advice on energy saving and guidance on how they can cut carbon emissions.