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Smart Pay As You Go combines the flexibility of a pre-pay tariff with the convenience of a smart meter. Check if you can get yours installed for free now.

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Benefits of Smart Pay As You Go

Stay on track

It can be hard to save energy when you can’t see how much you’re using. With your smart in-home display, you can see what you’re spending at a glance, in pounds and pence. And with the handy budget feature, it’s even easier to hit your targets and see where you could shrink your spending.

New ways to top up

Gone are the days of dashing to the post-office for your energy. With Smart Pay As You Go, you can also top up on your smartphone, via the app or on your computer. So you can top up in all sorts of places, even in the bath (if you're careful).

Transfer credit

For even more flexibility, Smart Pay As You Go lets you transfer credit between your electricity and gas meter. So if one has a high balance and the other is running low, you can even things out with the touch of a button.

How to use Smart Pay As You Go

How to find your account number

Need your account number to log on to the app or website? It'll be in the top right hand corner of the letters or emails we have sent you.

How to transfer money between meters

On the app, simply press the transfer button, choose which meter and the amount of money you want to transfer. Easy as that.

How to check your balance

Simply open up the smartphone app, or log onto your E.ON online account. Your balance refreshes every hour when you’re logged in. You can also switch on text alerts to keep you informed.

Want to know more?

Read the low-down on Smart Pay As You Go in our welcome booklet.

How to top up

Head to the app and press top up. Enter the amount you want, confirm your card details and you’re done. Alternatively you can top up on the computer, or pop along to the post-office if it suits you better.

Any questions?

Want to know more about how to use your in-home display? Or any other questions about smart meters?

Read our FAQs

Stay on track with a smart meter

If you’d like a smart meter installed for free, use our online booking tool to check if we’re ready to install one in your home and to choose the best time for you.

I want a smart meter